Name: Shaun Stulz
Age: 17
Home: Oceanside, California
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Adio (flow), Quiksilver (flow), Destructo, Active, Autobahn

Next country you want to visit: Australia.
Tunes to get you hyped: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and maybe some rap (Notorious B.I.G.) sometimes.
How you pass the time while injured: Music, chillin’ with all my homeys and my girlfriend.
Advice for skaters with girl trouble: “First attack, then mack!” basically.
Video part you could watch everyday: It’s a tie between Nick Trapasso’s part in Suffer The Joy and Leo Romero’s part in First Love.
Pools-for swimming or skating? Both.
Last am you saw killing it: David Gonzalez.
Ideal spring break: Anywhere but the U.S.
What scares the crap outta you: Airplane crashes.
Daily skate crew: JEPS, David Loy, Figgy, Chris Gregson, Collin Provost.
Session killer: Bad vibes and big cracks before stairs.
Who hooked you up: The Birdman.

There have been few times when I’ve seen someone skate and instantly known they had a natural gift. But in those rare moments, you just know that you are seeing raw talent and a bright future. I remember distinctly the first time I saw Eric Koston skate, and the same goes for Bucky Lasek, Andrew Reynolds, and Chris Cole-all unquestionably gifted and highly motivated.
I had the same feeling when I first saw Shaun Stulz. He was very young, but already had a solid bag of tricks and enough confidence to take his skating to the next level. And he wasn’t afraid to take a slam, which is a huge factor in terms of perseverance and staying power. Shaun came into his own a few years ago, and he is now a regular fixture on big tours (for the likes of Adio and Birdhouse) across the world. By the ripe old age of 17, he had traveled all over the U.S. and Europe, and even been on a safari in South Africa. In every instance, he impressed huge crowds of people with his consistently tech skating and positive attitude. Most importantly, they remember his name when he leaves because his skating stands out. Shaun is on the rise. Watch out.-Tony Hawk