Check Out Silas Baxter-Neal

Check Out Silas Baxter-Neal
Age: 18
Home: Eugene, Oregon
Sponsors: Powell, Venture, Eugene Board Sports, Ezekiel (flow), Savier (flow)

A silo is one of those tall round things that farmers store crap like wheat in, but a Silas is a person who likes to skateboard a lot. His name doesn’t roll off the tongue and is too weird to say, so I’ve opted to call him “Slice.”

Slice is so easy to say, and when he busts a trick, you can say funny stuff like, “Slice it up, Slice!” He also has a quality that’s hard to find nowadays-he skates a spot and doesn’t complain about it. In Oregon, it rains a lot and there aren’t many perfect spots, so Slice will skate anything you take him to. The name also fits well because Silas is pretty quiet, but when he steps on his board, it’s like getting a paper cut on your finger. At first, the paper slices you real quick and fast, and then you’re shocked for a second. Finally, blood comes out of your finger and it starts to hurt. That’s how Slice skates.

Silas gave me the okay on the “Slice” nickname, so if you ever see this kid skating around and slicing it up, you can go ahead and say, “What up, Slice?” And then give him some kind of slice move with your arms.-Erik Olsen