Check Out – Tommy Sandoval

Tommy Sandoval

Age: 19

Home: Vista, California

Sponsors: Zero skateboards, Zero wheels, Fallen footwear (flow), Urbanation Board Shop

Tommy Gunz-what can you say about Tommy Sandoval that his skateboarding doesn’t scream at you when you meet him? He’s one of the gnarliest skateboarders I’ve ever met. He can learn a trick on a flatbar and be doing it down a handrail perfectly by the end of the day. He’s progressed in the past two months faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. It hasn’t been easy for him, though. He didn’t get the nickname “Die Trying” from doing slappies on his mom’s porch-although, it could also have something to do with those words tattooed across his chest. Either way, the dude is a shredder, so if you see him, don’t say anything about his smell or his pink hot pants.-Chris Bodiford