Check Outs – Bobby Worrest

Age: 18

Sponsors: Krooked skateboards, à‡S footwear, Pitcrew skate shop

Interview by Tony Evjenth

We hear that you once had a sugar addiction problem. How many candy bars and sodas does it take to be an accomplished sugar addict?

Man, you know what? I was just like driving home like, “Hey, I’m gonna stop at the gas station for some .candy and soda,” (laughs).

What was your habit reaching?

Well, I got a root canal and numerous cavities filled. Now it hurts to chew hard candy, and for some reason, my teeth are sensitive to chocolate now, but it’s all for the better. I’m over that shit, but I still drink soda.

Tim at Pitcrew told me to give you shoes two years ago. I’m glad I ignored him for so long-just joking. What was it like going on the European Capitals Tour with the à‡S Team last summer?

It was amazing-those guys are sick.

Tell us about your Impala-and your sound system.

Yup, ’95 Super Sport. It’s fast, and the JL Audio system is up to par.

You made the cover of the Pitcrew skate shop vid where I’m from. At the premiere, did a bunch of chicks want to jump your bones because you were the star of the video?

Personally, I didn’t want the cover at all, but whatever. Yeah, the chicks came a knockin’.

How long have you officially been riding for Krooked Skateboards, and what’s it like to be riding for the magical Mark Gonzales?

Damn, I think I’ve been officially riding for Krooked since the Japan tour like two years ago, and I’m stoked riding for Gonzo.

Do you ever get to skate with Krooked ams Van Wastel or Mike Barker? Who is your crew out in D.C.?

Yeah, I skate with Van on all the trips. He came out here not too long ago, and I skated with Barker in the AZ-Barker and Wastell rip. And the D.C. crew is Paul McElroy and the Ninth Street Thugs, Zach Lyons, Darren Harper, Arlington Fools, the PG-UNIT. I want to thank Tony Evjenth, Craig Metzger, Matt Newton, Darrin, Mic, Jim, Jason at Deluxe, Tim and Malcolm at Pitcrew, Mike Nalls, Chris Hall, Mark Nickels, Dan Spellucci, G-town heads, PG heads, I’m out.