Check Outs – Tommy Gurrola

Age: 17

Home: Bermuda Dunes, California

Sponsors: Foundation, Pig wheels, etnies (flow), RVCA (flow), Industry Rideshop

First Setup: Blank deck, Destructo trucks, blank wheels-self purchased

Dream Session: Anywhere with his friends

Gotta Work For It: Regular kicklips

Everyone thinks Tommy lives in San Diego, but he doesn’t. In fact, Gregory Thomas Gurrola hails from the desert town of Bermuda Dunes, California. When not at home, Tommy lives on my floor and drinks all of my Dr. Bold soda pop. He steals my roommate’s video games and looks like the Jesus from The Big Lebowski. Besides all of this, he rips at skating and his homey Sumi-D is gnarly. Oh yeah, and for all of you ladies out there reading this, Tommy’s single, bilingual, and ready to mingle.-Russell Houghten