Check Outs – Windsor James

Age: 18

Home: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sponsors: C1RCA, Ghetto Child, Krux

First Setup: A Nash Wal-Mart-from a friend

Dream Session: Tony Tave, Peter Ramondetta, my friend Justin, and the Chebby crew at the etnies park

Gotta Work For It: Switch backside flips

Check Outs are put together with the intention of letting you the reader know a bit about an up-and-comer. Very frequently they do nothing of the sort. Scattered with run-on sentences and inside jokes, they’re no more than a way for the writer to give a “what’s up” head nod to the person featured in the Check Out-a sort of “I’m totally down with this guy” type of gesture. So after finding out that the kid is “down to skate whatever” or “killing it right now” and “charging at everything first try!” you’re left with very little sense of who this kid really is. I could try to break the mold for old Windsor James, but I’m just not that great a writer. So by default, I’ll give you this: he loves his family, the skateboard world better watch out for this guy, and if you see him you should definitely say “hi,” because he’s one of the nicest blah, blah, blah … -Very Terribly Written By Lee Dupont