Checkout Dan Murphy

Check Out Dan Murphy
Age: 21
Home: Boston, Massachusetts
Sponsors: Reef, Accel. (flow), Endless Grind skate shop

Dan Murphy is a super-hyper kid from New Hampshire who recently moved to North Carolina to attend college at NCSU. Dan and I met at a spot on his first day of arrival. After meeting him, I quickly noticed how different he was from me and everyone else in the area by the way he …

… drinks eight cups of coffee every day.

… doesn’t get excited because he’ll get a lazy eye and start talking jibberish to everyone.

… has a beautiful girlfriend whom he doesn’t call a “girlfriend,” but they’ve been following each other around for the past four years.

… lands his tricks in just a few tries.

… has been accused of matching every piece of his wardrobe far beyond Felix Arguilles’ previous endeavours.

… drives a big green minivan, a.k.a. “The Green Booger,” with his own “TF” in the back.

… was recently hit by a car riding his bike to class, and he still rides that same bike to school.

… doesn’t think before speaking.

… doesn’t think before making decisions.

… doesn’t think before thinking.

… has a dog and they can understand what each other is saying.

… just started going to clubs and has been accused of doing the rain dance, and he sees nothing wrong with it.

… asks questions and replies to your answers with even more questions.

… is the best skateboarder in NC, hands down, no matter what you may think after reading this nonsense.-Pete Thompson