Checkout – Seth McCallum


Seth McCallum

Age: 24

Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sponsors: Fobia skate shop, Consolidated skateboards, Supernatural clothing, Spitfire wheels, Krux trucks, Nixon watches

All I really have to say about Seth is when I saw a video clip of a run he did, it made me want to skate. He did some handrail, I think, and then cruised Mach 10 down a narrow-ass sidewalk, and then busted a smooth-ass 360 powerslide, and then ollied a gap. But what really made me stoked was the 360 powerslide. The runway was seriously only two-and-a-half feet wide. He could’ve done anything: kickflip, 360 flip, nollie flip, but he chose to do the powerslide, and I immediately respected him on his originality. I went out shooting photos with him recently, and everything we shot was different than the norm. No perfect sets of stairs or rails, just random weird stuff that hardly anyone else could skate. Some guys go out of their way to be like this, but Seth is genuine in his approach to skating. He lets himself do whatever trick he wants and when he wants. And this, my friends, is freedom—the main influence to step on the four-wheeled toy.—Brayden Knell