The Cinematographer Project, World View: Sergio Interview

From our February 2017 issue

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Mackenzie Eisenhour

How has it been filming this?
It's been great! The mission came out from the blue. Lomar decided he didn't want to film any more so we thought what the hell are we gonna do. Gustav and Simon just stepped up without hesitation and said we can do it. So they dug out the VX's and hit the spots.

Simon Iskasson, frontside nosegrind. Photo: Olivera

What was your guys' plan going in?
There was no plan. We live in Barcelona. Some dudes flew in from the north. The Sour office was on fire for some weeks—as it always is—but this was hectic. On a daily basis, I guess the plan was to cycle to IKEA for cheap meatballs. They got plenty of spots around there, too.

Erik J Pettersson, fakie flip into bank. Photo: Calvo

Were there any issues specifically related to the location?
Well, we are based in Barcelona. None of us have a car or anything so we just cycle or roll to the spots or take the train. That way you find much more anyway. We're just rediscovering the city without leaving it. Like, all the time. Just head out of the city into the suburbs.

Josef Scott Jatta, frontside wallride. Photo: Engelke

Challenges? Did it all run smoothly?
Smooth? Hell no, never for us. Gustav got a new VX and it got lost in transit. I think the biggest challenges are to decide and get to a spot rather than skating. And yeah, we got distracted by the ping-pong table that we got and that Nisse painted so beautifully. Sleepy heads. Barcelona nightlife. Early sunsets. Cava brain. That's always a challenge. Thank god this didn't come up in the summer when you get lost into it all. And we decided to record the music ourselves. Erik, Nisse and Tyler [Surrey] jamming a Balkan version out of a Tom Waits songs. We recorded it on VX and one Mic. Lars put the beats together. Like a school camp. Learn something every day.

Nisse Ingemarsson, ollie. Photo: Engelke

Are you happy with the finished part? Would you do anything differently next time?
Hell yeah. Next time we order helicopters and shit and shoot it all in Dubai.

Koffe Hallgren, frontside kickflip pivot. Photo: Olivera

Favorite Cinematographer section from the past?
RB Umali from the OG one. Jon Holland SK8MAFIA part and the Alien Workshop (Benny Maglinao) from last one.

Koffe Hallgren, heelflip. Photo: Olivera

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The Cinematographer Project, World View presented by: WeedMaps