Ollie Pop bubble gum got together 500 bucks for a best trick contest last Saturday at the Clash At Clairemont event at the Clairemont YMCA in San Diego. A handful of hungry kids threw themselves down the rail and ledges trying to get that cash. It was going to be a winner take all but Dave Duncan felt all these guys should get a little something so they split the $500 three ways. Not bad in these tuff times. When your mom is buggin' you to get a job at McDonald’s, at least the kids can go home and tell their parents they made some money skating.—Joe Picciolo

1. PJ Roux (Nollie pressure flips on lock)
2. Brendon Villanueva (Tricks for days)
3. Austin Zito (Butter Front blunt shuv)
4. Alex Midler (10 years old!)

Filmed by Joe Picciolo