Welcome back to the ABDarchives. The last entry looked at tricks that have gone down over picnic tables off flat. Here we look at just over 30 tricks that have already been done on the infamous San Francisco hubba, Clipper. By no means complete, the Clipper entry in the ABDarchives will be ever-expanding so feel free to call out one of the MANY tricks that you'd like to see added here. "What about Slash's full Cab nosegrind from The Deathwish Video?!" Chill, it's coming soon. Stayed tuned for frequent updates here as future moves go down and past moves are called out. What other spots would you like to see entered in the ABDarchives? -Luke Callahan 

Compiled by Oswaldo Sanchez


Ryan Gallant, kickflip backside noseblunt-slide. Expedition One Gone Fishin’ [’14]


Chris Joslin, nollie flip 50-50. Plan B True [’14]

Wes Kremer backside wallie fakie five-O

Wes Kremer, backside wallie fakie five-O. Wes Kremer and Tyler Surrey’s Pack of Hydes [’14]

Jake Johnson fronside wallie 50-50

Jake Johnson, fronside wallie 50-50. Static IV [’14]

Ishod Wair, switch frontside bluntslide. Nike The SB Chronicles Vol. 2 [’13]


Brian “Slash” Hansen, full Cab nosegrind. The Deathwish Video [’13]


Jamie Thomas, impossible frontside 50-50. Zero Cold War [’13]


Brian Anderson, boneless frontside lipslide. Girl and Chocolate Pretty Sweet [’12]

Jack Curtin, switch back lip. DGK Parental Advisory [’12]

Jack Curtin, switch kickflip 50-50. DGK Parental Advisory [’12]


Greg Lutzka, frontside bigspin noseslide. Darkstar Forward Slash [’12]


James Hardy, frontside 180 switch 50-50. Real Since Day One [’11]

Eli Reed, nollie boneless. X Games 17 Real Street [’11]

Jack Curtin, switch back 5-O. LRG Give Me My Money Chico! [’10]

Jamie Tancowny, backside flip over. Zero Strange World [’10]

Jamie Tancowny, kickflip front board. Zero Strange World [’10]

Forrest Edwards, tre flip grind. Slap One in a Million [’10]

Ben Stewart, frontside flip over. Sus Monts [’09]

Sean Eaton, switch lipslide. Birdhouse The Beginning [’07]

Richie Jackson, fastplant over hubba. Death Skateboards Better Than Life [’07]

JT Aultz, ollie over nose bluntslide. Real Remix Project V.1.1 [’07]

Jon Allie, kickflip tailslide. Circa It’s Time [’06]

Darrell Stanton, nollie backside noseblunt. Real Roll Forever [’05]

Darrell Stanton, backside 5-O backside 180. Real Roll Forever [’05]

Jerry Hsu, backside 50-50 no comply. Osiris Subject to Change [’03]

Anthony Pappalardo, switch backside 50-50. Habitat Mosaic [’03]

Darrell Stanton, ollie over to bluntslide. TransWorld Free Your Mind [’03]

Geoff Rowley, switch frontside 180 50-50. Flip Really Sorry [’03]

Eric Koston, nollie backside 5-O. Girl Yeah Right! [’03]

Mark Appleyard, nollie flip backside 50-50. Flip Sorry [’02]

Mark Appleyard, kickflip backside 5-O. Flip Sorry [’02]

Mark Appleyard, switch frontside tailslide. Flip Sorry [’02]

John Cardiel, backside bluntslide. TransWorld Sight Unseen [’01]

Heath Kirchart, backside 5-O. TransWorld Sight Unseen [’01]


Chad Muska, frontside 5-O to fakie top ledge, switch backside noseslide bottom ledge. Shorty’s Guilty [’01]

Brad Staba, frontside tailslide to fakie. TransWorld Modus Operandi [’00]

Brad Staba, frontside 50-50. TransWorld Modus Operandi [’00]

Jamie Thomas, frontside tailslide to fakie. Zero Misled Youth [’99]

John Rattray, frontside noseblunt. 411 Rookies number 37 [’99]

Kris Markovich, frontside 5-O. Element Third Eye View [’98]

Sean Sheffey, 50-50. Girl Mouse [’96]