The Copenhagen Open continued its multi-city roll out with the much anticipated stop in Berlin, Germany starting this past Thursday. After the dish side mish and the backyard DIY bowl contest you might have seen on our IG story, Friday’s contests were held on a jumpramp on a bridge in the middle of the city, then on a bump to bar at the Marketplace. Check the photos and stay tuned for a recap video coming next week. Thank you CPH and Danke Berlin!
Photos: @blair.alley

The first spot of the day, a jump ramp contest, took place on Berlin’s “Museum Island.”

Guten Tag Mister Janoski!

A pleasure cruise on The Spree.

One of Europe’s finest cities, nay, the world’s!

This is a 360 flip that Ishod landed!

Al Partanen was handing out the cash for this one.

Ryan Decenzo, frontside 360 tailgrab.

Alex Olson, backside melon 360.

Jamie Foy, 360 varial.

Chase Webb, kickflip indy.

Eric Koston, switch method.

Rocket Man! Olson blasting.

Vincent Milou, frontside 360 crail.

Mark Appleyard still has it!

Two cameras and a Tuborg, it’s CPH baby!

Not all heros wear capes, some wear mobile hot dog carts.

Next stop, The Marketplace. Vincent Milou, shifty kickflip.

Jamie Foy, frontside 180 to switch crooks.

Ishod Wair, long distance boardslide.

Speaking of Ishod Wair, crooked grind transfer, first try.

You remember sure shot Aurelien Giraud right? 360 flip.

Yuto Horigome, frontside feeble.

Zion Wright, five-0 for days, and he took the cash for this one.