Corey Duffel 20 Questions

Corey Duffel 20 Questions
Interview by Dave Swift
1. Let’s get the stats out of the way-tell us where you live, how old you are, and who sponsors you.
I knew this one would be in here somewhere. My name is Corey Duffel, and I live in a city called Walnut Creek on the outskirts of San Francisco, California. I am now legal age, and I skateboard for the almighty “F”-Foundation and Pig wheels-which you should go buy because they’re number one! Speed Metal bearings, which are the fastest! Iron Horse grip, Droors clothing, and I wear Emerica shoes. Oh, and Metro skateboard shop. My parents are Steve and Sharon.
2. What about skateboarding gets you amped?
Cruising with my friends, just knowing that I get to have a good time, and that skateboarding is the best thing in the world. Also, that I get to travel the world and do the thing I love. Skateboarding is good.

3. What part of skateboarding makes you sad?
When skateboarders get portrayed as people they aren’t. I don’t like injuries, either. Those two things can go to hell.
4. This is a question where people reading this can get to know you better. Answer them all.

Favorite food?
Red-meat steaks, ribs, all the goods that the vegetarians can’t eat.
Favorite animal?
My friend Graham Poole.
Favorite bands?
Ramones, Dead Boys, The Jam, Stooges, Clash, and yeah, read it all at the Foundation site.
Favorite skateboarders?
Ethan Fowler and the F team, Heath Kirchart, Corpsey Dan Drehobl, Mike Rafter, Cardiel, and many more.
Favorite trick?
If I could do something, I’d answer the question.
Favorite movies?
Nightmare Before Christmas or any other Tim Burton movie, and Fritz The Cat-Robert Crumb is the best. Oh, I love that movie. Also, go watch Meet The Feebles. But I like movies with the naked girlies more than anything. Nothing but good times, baby.
Favorite actor?
Homer Simpson.
Favorite musician?
There’re so many, but I’ll say Dee Dee. I like The Ramones a lot, and Dee Dee was just rad.
Favorite piece of clothing?
Everything but underwear-I like jeans and jackets the best.
Favorite toothpaste?
I don’t use that garbage.
5. You currently ride for Foundation skateboards, what is it about the company that made you want to ride for them?
Well, let me tell all you fupa-wearing chode smugglers out there why. The “Mighty F” is the best company in the world. We have the best riders with the best stez. Everyone who works there is cool! Josh Beagle and Tod Swank are rad, and they take good care of their guys. Foundation has always been a team I wanted to be on. Brad Staba and B.A. Brian Anderson used to live by me, so I idolized them. Brad would sell me his F boards and give me free shirts and stickers. So that’s always made me like Foundation, and I knew I wanted to ride for them one day. And now that I do, I couldn’t be happier. F rocks the Casbah, and all you people out there do yourselves a favor and buy some F today!
6. Can you skate transition?
I think it’s fun to skateboard on, but I don’t know if I’m any good on that sheeeit. How about you answer that question for me? Can I skate it, Dave?

7. I’ve never seen you skate it, but your answer proves that you enjoy it, so that’s all that matters. If you were given the chance to break a record in skateboarding, what would it be?
I don’t care about records-I just want to skate and have fun with my homeys. So no, I don’t know what it’d be.
8. I know you entered contests as an amateur, do you think you’ll continue to enter them after you turn pro?
Yeah, yeah, contests are fun, and they can get you a lot of scrilla if you do good. Plus, you get to travel the world just to enter a contest, and that’s fine with me. If you win, you can choose any of the chicks you want from the stadium.
9. If you were in a band, would you be a lead singer, guitarist, drummer, or bassist? Why?
Probably the bass pler. I have a bass, and it’s rad to rock out on those things. Bassists are the coolest ones in the band-they get all the chicks. It’s the easiest instrument to play, and Dee Dee Ramone played bass.
10. Who had the greatest skateboard video part of all time?
I like a lot of parts, mine are probably different than anyone else’s. I can’t choose just one, so I’ll pick a few. Crazy Eddie in the Scarecrow video, and everyone else in that video. Ethan’s (Fowler) parts in the Stereo videos, all of Heath’s (Kirchart) parts, JT Jamie Thomas in Welcome To Hell.
11. Who has good style?
Let me tell you about the guys with the best style-Ethan, Heath, Jason Lee, Tony Trujillo, Dorian Tucker, The Kid Jason Adams, Wade Speyer, Gonz, and a lot more. I like a lot of other styles, too, but it’s too hard to think of them all. Oh, I like Ali Boulala and Trainwreck. I can’t forget all the homeys on Foundation. Shimeeeeeeeze Daniel Shimizu is amazing, and Beagle is rad-they’re all good.
12. What’s the one place on Earth where you’d like to travel, and why?
Let me try to think of somewhere that has lots of hot chicks, red meat, skate spots, and good weather. So, umm, I hear Australia is a good place. And New Zealand. I’ll go anywhere Foundation wants to send me. I guess I want to go to Australia most of all-they speak English, so that’s a bonus.

13. Tell a story about your worst run-in with a cop or security guard.
I seem to be a magnet for those chumps-I hate ’em. The worst is probably when I got beat up by one. He was a wrestling coach who thought he had that kind of authority-those ones are even worse. Little short shits who think they can make a difference. It sucked, that’s for sure. I got a broken nose and collarbone out of that one. I’ve been arrested by those wise guys, too, and that sucks nearly as bad. It’s always for skateboarding.
14. What are your thoughts on Las Vegas?
It has lots of bright lights and stuff. When I get enough money, Tony Silva and I are gonna go there and have some good times. I haven’t been there before, but it’ll be rad when I do.
15. What skateboarder has had the most influence on you and what you do on a skateboard?
There are a few different guys who have helped me grow and have influenced me. Jamie (Thomas) has been a big influence to me, he’s a good friend. I used to idolize his skateboarding and do things he did. After I met him, he helped me out with advice and other stuff that’s made me change for the better. He’s a harsh guy, but I like him. Other people have influenced my skating, also, like Ethan Fowler and Heath Kirchart.
16. Is there a life after skateboarding?
Sure, I don’t see why not. I mean, other people have lives and they don’t skateboard. But for skateboarders? Uh, yeah, I guess they do. I mean, you can get a job in the industry, ’cause that’s what a lot of retired pros seem to do. I know I’d take a job like Beagle’s anytime.
17. You find a magic lamp, rub it, and a genie floats above your head and tells you he’s giving you three wishes. What would they be?
What, three wishes? Let me think. I’d take some hot chicks who like to be naked all the time and who want to cook for me and do all my work-that’d be swell. Number two, I’d get an unlimited supply of steaks, burgers, candy, cookies, and all of the other good things I like. My next wish, I’d tell the genie I want three more wishes so I could get more good thingamajigs.
18. Are you still in high school? If not, did you graduate?
I graduated like a month ago. That means it’s summer, so I get to kick out the jams with the homeys and go on tour. Yeah, all I know is that I’m happy to be outta school.
19. Red or black licorice?
Nothin’ but red.
20. When was the last time you felt out of place?
Every time I do anything. I just feel that I’m outta place in life, but that makes it better. So, uh, next question?
That’s it, Corey, you’ve done all twenty. There ain’t no mo’.