We’ve got two days under our belts out here in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Copenhagen Open, which if you’ve never been, is quite the experience! Day one saw us at the massive Faelledparken skatepark for an insane bowl/snakerun jam, then the whole crowd biked and skated over to Enghaveplads for another skate jam for cash and a premiere of the Antihero video. There are seriously more people here this year than I’ve ever seen in Copenhagen! Scroll through the flicks to fill in the gaps and if you have any questions, DM me on IG at @blair.alley. I’ll be here all weekend, k?

Okay, let’s start here. My plane landed at 4 pm, so I got to Faelledparken around 5:15 and the contest was well underway with a ridiculous attendance. Suffice to say I didn’t get a good angle on these shots, but this is CPH local Rune Glifberg and he designed this park so this photo is getting run!

Thumbs up from Simon, who’s run CPH Open and Pro for over a decade. Legendary status.

Nora’s in the house!

Our English mate Sam Beckett and his Welsh mate Daniel.

NYC’s Josh Zickert and Olman from Costa Rica!

Over to Enghaveplads. This cash-for-tricks session was nuts! Blakeular on the back T


Louie Lopez blasting a picture perfect kickflip.

Kevin Baekkel, frontside air to disaster. This session was crazy.

Lui, Louie! Remember their TWS Park edit?!

Get in where you fit in. There were people on rooftops at every spot.

Scandinavian governors, Marius and Nisse.

The Levi’s band is back together! Govs, Parts, and Pat Moran.

Getting into their first CPH experience, Kevin White and Sage Elsesser.


Day two! Here we are at Lithauens Plads, which is an amazing spot. The jam-style contest went down and here’s Tommy Fynn busting a perfect noseblunt.

Alex Midler, frontside 360 which was a popular trick today.

Ryan Townley, varial flip.

Tyler Surrey, shifty flip.

Matt Berger, backside flip.

All smiles at the judges corner.

Blake Johnson with a switch tailslide in front of the crowd.

Torey Pudwill took this backside tailslide for days.

New pro Mason Silva, first try hardflip.

Marius busted a tailslide on the bike as it teetered and somehow pulled it.

Cookie Doe gettin’ air!

See? Josef Scott Jatta with a front three.

Louie Lopez, back noseblunt. Gotta light?

Luan Oliveira, backside kickflip.

Louie Lopez, pop shove-it revert.

Big boy Foy! That fakie nosepick trick.

Shoddy! This is a shifty kickflip to fakie. Yup!

Now everyone mobbed out together. We were told to follow that green bike with the boombox to a couple of secret pop-up spots.

It was hectic!

Beautiful Copenhagen!


First pop-up spot!

Timmy’s got the cash, and a Tuborg.

This thing was narrow and hard to shoot. Jamie Foy handles it was a quick ollie.

Zion Wright kickflips it quick in close quarters.

Nollie heel? I don’t remember. There were photogs and filmers literally on top of me.

Marek Zaprazny, 360 flip.

Zion, backside late shove!

SoCal in CPH! Leecadia and Chino Hills’ Erica Yary.

Pop-up spot number two! Polar’s bank to bank gap. Blake Johnson stretches out an ollie.

TJ Rogers did tailslide to hardflip out.

This was wild, Alec Majerus backside flipped the gap.

Tommy Fynn sitting on a backide tailslide.

Franky Villani, 360 flip.

Marek Zaprazny, backside tailslide.

Blake Johnson, Smith grind kickflip out.

This was a high five, and it was proper. Kev White and Erik Bragg.

Last spot of the day, the Meat Packing District. And the spot has a full bar!

And some good food. The Dane’s love to cook.

Axel Crusher warms up with a nosegrind.

Big Willis grinded no problem.

Tom Remillard, real proper frontside rock.

Cole Wilson, backside Smith.

Willis, frontside feeble stall.

Alex Sorgente was on fire. Frontside pivot fakie.

Robin Bolian, sugarcane!

Cold Chapman! Nosegrind first try cuz he’s got it like that.

Roman Pabich was ripping this thing. Boneless with ease. See ya tomorrow!