Friday was a bit rained out, so what does every skater in Copenhagen do? Let’s head to Christiania!

Free sandwiches and Wes Kremer. Solid start.

Ginger beard media crew. Zack Mack and Lee Dogg.

Mike Fitz and Lee Dogg!

Grace, JZ and Dylan Perry. Bevar Christiania!

Y’all know Linnea right?

“In America, the ginger beard is a sign of strength and wealth…”

Legendary “Sorry” crew: Boulala, French Fred and Arto. Thank you.

This dude partied his face off every night!

The infamous watermelon bong. Not everyone escaped unscathed.

The media had a field day with it.

That track suit God.

Okay, on over to the Triangle skatepark you may remember from 2015. And a mobile sauna!

Legend has it there are mermaids in the water around Copenhagen. Hans Christian Anderson even wrote a book about one.

Swear I might have seen a couple… maybe it was that watermelon bong tho…

Legendary men wear legendary coats.

Crowd fav! Franky Villani.

It’s Mark Nickels! And that’s a digital 16 mm camera. Futuristic man.

It started raining again at the Triangle but that didn’t stop Sebo. Nollie flip.

Nollie frontside flip. Whoa!

TJ Rogers, switch backside five-O amid media and mops.

Two dudes touched by the hand of skateboarding’s god.

Kirby’s out here!

Vincent Milou put on a show yesterday and ended up in second! Kickflip. Seen his Video Check Out yet?


Place is dope.

Wes somehow making this transfer without his feet on his board.

Trevor McClung with a hurricane.

Rodrigo Peterson, switch noseslide for the judges.

Top shelf Scandinavian craft cocktail makes running contests that much easier.

Tommy Fynn, over 180 nosegrind ting.

Franky Villani, wallie 180.

Vincent Milou, frontside bluntslide transfer.

Luan Oliveira, 360 flip.

Vincent Milou, big kickflip.

Then Luan turned it up and kickflipped this whole bump, which is looong.

Luan, frontside flip to flat. Dude is untouchable. First place.

Then Clem did his first shotgun.

Boom! See you today for the last day of skating!

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Photos / @blair.alley