CPH Open 2017 | Blog 3

Saturday, the last day of this beast of a contest weekend, saw a flatbar-to-picnic table line contest next to the lake and the Planetarium. Then the contest moved to a nearby 12-stair. Then I set off on an ETN side mission to some big ass rail, then we all went to the CPH skatepark for the finals and superfinals! It wasn’t over though! After Ishod won the contest, we had death races, barrel jumping and a ridiculous Best Trick contest out back. And then of course we all celebrated late into the night. Scroll down to see it all. Big ups to William, Simon, Keld and everyone else that made this past week a reality. It really was incredible. Is this the last one?!
Photos : @blair.alley

Our Saturday starts lakeside in Wonderful Copenhagen with some familiar faces and familiar bevs.

Brandon Westgate and Brian Gaberman chat amid an idyllic setting.

The most beautiful contest scenery ever.

Who better to warm it up than Big Boy Foy?

Lui Elliott was doing these backside 50-50s to pressure flip out.

Matt Berger, backside nosegrind.

Paul Hart, frontside bluntslide. Kind of like a Lord of the Lines vibe.

Ryan Townley, manual in close proximity to the judges’ shins.

Tommy Fynn, backside 180 to switch frontside crooked grind.

Boo stays spliffed up!

Felipe Gustavo with an insane crooked grind nollie flip out.

Carlos Ribeiro, switch backside tailslide.

Mason Silva came in hot with a high speed noseblunt-slide.

Louie Lopez, backside 50-50 the top of the table, then the seat.

Yes! Jack Curtin, switch backside nosegrind.

Cookie Doe! Suski grind?

Torey Pudwill, backside tailslide.

Boo Johnson slices a beaut of a back Smith.

People were climbing anything and sitting anywhere to watch these comps.

So the next contest was nearby on a big 12-stair. Jamie Foy 360 flipped it pretty quick.

Max Kruglov, hardflip.

Aurelian Giraud, backside 360 ollie.

Tommy Fynn busted a beautiful backside flip.

Alex Midler skated tough all weekend. Frontside 360 ollie.

TJ Rogers, switch frontside 360 ollie. Crazy pop right?

Jamie Foy shut it down with a backside heelflip.

Free Max T and Foy. That ground was kinda gnar.

So Rattray says to me, “You going on the side mission?” ETN had a secret pop up jam on this rail. Marcel Veldman and I followed John Rattray damn near around the whole city because his pin was off or something. Anyhow, we ended up here.

Arto was shooting with his digital Leica all weekend. We ended up elbow to elbow quite a few times. I’m sure there are epic shots on his IG. Rad dude.

Alec Majerus tests the waters with a boardslide.

Alex Midler, backside 50-50.

Paul Hart, frontside boardslide to fakie.

Zion Wright five-O no problemo.

Paul Hart, tailslide.

Paul Hart, front nose first try!

Jamie Foy got in on the five-O action too. Tourists were thick.

Midler with a picture-perfect back lip.

Okay, now over to the main event. The CPH skatepark was packed! And hot af!

Alex Olson, frontside pop shove-it.

Chris Cole, backside flip.

Kevin Bradley, steezy 360 flip.

Kevin Bradley, backside flip. Peep that catch!

Stefan Janoski and his switch flip. Still beautiful.

Brent Kronmueller and his crew built this whole park AND that pub!

Jamie Foy, gap to front crook. He skated so damn much this weekend!

Jamie Foy, half Cab nosepick.

Vincent Milou, kickflip lipslide.

Ishod, front feebling his way to first place.

Ishod, steezy 360 flip.

The packed house going ape-shit after Ishod’s run.

Matt Berger, bigspin frontside bluntslide.

Tommy Fynn, kickflip crooked grind.

Jamie Foy, frontside crooked grind.

Vincent Milou, frontside hurricane.

Luan Oliveira, nollie backside flip for the judges.

Luan on the rail. Frontside feeble grind.

Ishod, nollie backside heelflip to back lip!

Tommy Fynn, gap to backside noseblunt-slide. Another dude who skated so damn much all weekend.

Luan’s ridiculous board control. 360 flip.

Razor sharp hardflip.

Luan, switch 360 flip.

Luan’s runs weren’t enough to surpass Ishod and here he is being announced the winner with one run still left to go!

Glory Run nollie heelflip.

Your 2017 CPH Open champ!

We see you.

Drink it in.

Drink it all in.

This shit ain’t over! Death Races time! First up, cute couple Axel and Lizzie. No kiss before the race.

Milton Martinez Vs. Tom Remillard.

It got dicey around some of the corners!

Alex Sorgente Vs. Zion Wright.

Easy to lose it on those corners!

You had to clear this gap as the finish line. Zion Wright, 180.

Zion trying to catch Fernando Bramsmark.

Kirby finishing his race.

Mason Silva won the whole damn thing. He beat Busenitz.

Next up, barrel jump! Axel Crusher starts it out with four.

Blakeular is on it.

D Vargs, you’re doing it wrong.

Lui’s first time in CPH and he went all in!

Jake Anderson was nailing it!

Blake with six!

Lui with seven!

Tom Remillard, focused.


It was at this moment, Lui realized he fucked up.

Herrington hot stepping. Not recommended.

Axel got served on eight.

Jake got bodied as well. Blake Johnson did eight for the win. I filmed it and put it on @transworldskate’s IG story.

Okay, out back for the final Best Trick of the day. William Frederickson, front and center. Respect due to this man!

Judges scoping out the interesting set up. We still weren’t sure what was going to happen.

Clem’s dramatic entrance.

It was a… smoke gap?

Insanity. At times you couldn’t see a damn thing! Trevor McClung barges an ollie.

Dario frontside flips while William hits him with a party cannon.

Blake Johnson, hardflip in a setting that only happens in CPH.

Chris Cole, inward heelflip in a rare moment when the smoke cleared.

I think it’s a heelflip?

Dan Plunkett, frontside flip.

Chris Colbourn, frontside heelflip.

Cold Chapman, kickflip indy.

Chris Cole, frontside 360.

Cole, solid Japan. I don’t really have an “ender” photo that sums up the day or weekend, but I can tell you Copenhagen did not disappoint once again. Who knows if they’ll have it next year, but either way, you owe it to yourself to visit this wonderful city.


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