What an epic night celebrating the career of Daewon Song! Thanks to everyone who came out to see our new documentary “DAEWON” in association with adidas skateboarding. We were very stoked to have you all there. And huge thanks to everyone involved in making the project come to life. And for those of you that didn’t make it, the documentary will be premiering this Friday May 17th here at skateboarding.com

Until then, check the photos from the premiere below.

PHOTOS / @morgnar



 T-Puds! and Tjaden Brewer.


 Colin Kennedy. Thanks for your help with the project!



 Pete Eldridge.




 The man and co-star of the film, Daniel Castillo.


 Seu Trinh and crew. Desiree Moore, you blinked. ha


 board check.


 TWS’s Collin Schwartz and Blair Alley.


 The boys putting in work.


 The legendary filmer, Socrates Leal and family.


 Thank you Reda for being part of the film. And you too Nora!


 Cairo Foster is always solid.


 Squad up. Zorah Olivia, Jenn Soto and Mariah Duran


 Mike O’Meally and Blondey.


 Checking Gonz’ footy of Torey’s Lockwood hammer probably.



 Professor Schmitt made it.

 Lot of history between these two.


 Man of the hour.





  Jaime Owens gives Daewon his TWS Legend Award before the show.


 The man.



 Daewon is for the people. So much love.






 Nora held down the photo booth for quite some time.


 TWS’ Mike Fitz and adidas’ Cullen Poythress


 Mikey Alfred and Mike Fitz


 He hates this photo being here, but we’re proud of the work Joe Pease put into this project. Thank you Joe!


 Daewon’s mate and long time friend and filmer, DJrunaway


 Thanks for shooting these photos Morgnar.


The legend will continue. He’s still going. We love you Daewon. Thank you.