We had an epic day at the legendary Lockwood Elementary in LA yesterday. adidas and Transworld put on Daewon’s Picnic, a four-part contest using all of  the school’s iconic benches and banks. LA OGs came out in droves: The Gonz, Paulo Diaz, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gino Iannucci, you name it! There were separate awards for each section, and Miles Silvas came away with the overall win (judged by Daewon, Ronnie Bertino, and Joey Suriel no less). Scroll down and read the captions to see who came out and a who put it down!

Good morning Lockwood! LA OG, City Stars’ Joey Suriel welcomes you.


Chico, DJ Runaway, and Joey Suriel.

Felipe Gustavo and Torey Pudwill warm up their legs.

Schoolyard chalk.

Been a while since any of us had been here!

That’s right, Matt Price will have one of his classic 411VM edits coming out soon!

Legends of street: Pete Eldridge and Paul Shier.

Lil Dre was down from the Bay all weekend.

Kevin Long stopped by!

Walker Ryan with a classic T.

Menace/Lockwood OG, Billy Valdez!

Photos: Seu Trinh, Jaime Owens, Blair Alley

Lil Dre getting it on the bank to bench.

Gabriel Rodriguez was hanging out all day.

Diego Najera, backside 180 nosegrind.

Lil Dre, back Smith.

Diego Najera, frontside heelflip.

John Dilo, switch heelfip.

Daniel Castillo.

Dashawn Jordan, backside tailslide.

Big Brother photog, Rick Kosick.

Your judges, Ronnie Bertino, Daewon, and Joey Suriel.

Miles Silvas, backside tailslide.

Felipe Gustavo, kickflip frontside noseslide.

Walker Ryan, frontside flip.

Heitor Da Silva, our new favorite skater. Switch kickflip.

Shmatty, nollie bigspin.

Danny Hamaguchi, backside flip with hella pop.

Paulo Diaz was skating all over the place. So rad to see.

Miles Silvas, kickflip frontside crooked grind.

Maurice Jordan, fakie crooks.

The Gonz! nosepick.

Niels Bennett, fakie five-O.

Gonz with a casper stall.

Daewon and Paulo.

Setting up the tables for the final section of the day: Daewon’s Bonus Round.

Another Menace OG, Eric Pupecki.

Chico wanted to do a one-foot like Jason Lee.

How classic is this? Paulo with one of his signature nollies.

Niels Bennett, high speed nosegrind 180.

Triple OGs: Seu, Dae, Daniel, Luis Cruz, and Chico. What up Paulgarr and Yonnie!?

End of a long hot one. We all got some sun.

Boom. Daewon with Girl/Chocolate family generations deep.

Torey closed out the day with this back lip to back lip!


Gonz was skating around like a kid in a candy store.

Ishod showed up mid-day. Switch crooks.

Jumpman and Na-Kel eye the classic yard.

Gonz with a timeless frontside grab plant.

Nak all over this frontside bluntslide.

Shin Sanbongi is one of the raddest guys to watch skate. Backside Smith grind.

Torey’s ender back lip didn’t come without a hellacious slam!

Early in the day, an autograph seeker got his Austyn 3D board signed.

Dan the Mancina and pistol Pete.

Certified OGs: Gabriel, Gino, and Chico.

Mariah, Jen and Nora filming some hilarous IG clips.

You probably should check Mariah Duran’s IG.

Seu knows what’s up.

Shin and Magnus Bordewick take in the California sun.

Shin Sanbongi wallies on hallowed ground.

Seu and Austyn, best buds.


The four section winners: Niels, Dashawn and John.

The overall winner, Mr. Miles Silvas.