This weekend was the 2009 Damn AM contest at the Volcom outdoor skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA. Louie Lopez and Luan Olivera took first place on Friday and Saturday, respectively, securing themselves spots in Sunday’s semi-finals. In the end, Luan came through with a win, with Clint Walker in a close second and Tommy Werner in third. Here are some photos from Sunday’s carnage. For the full results, click HERE.

Photos by Sam Muller

Brodie Penrod, kickflip back tail.

Chase Webb, bigspin front board.

CJ Dixon, front shove lipslide.

Cody Davis, backside noseblunt-slide.

Derek Elmendorf, backside 360 kickflip.

Derek Elmendorf, fakie ollie switch front feeble.

Felipe Gustavo, nollie flip front noseslide.

Felipe Gustavo, switch flip back tail shove.

Felipe Ortiz, kickflip nosegrind.

Kechaud Johnson, gap to front feeble.

Louis Tolentino, ollie.

Louie Lopez, 360 flip.

Louie Lopez, bigspin boardslide.

Luan Olivera, switch bigspin heelflip.

Luan Olivera, switch 360 flip.

Manny Santiago, impossible lipslide.

This kid rips, but I don’t know his name. Nollie heel front crooks.

Rob Maatman, 360 flip.

Rob Maatman, gap to back Smith.

Rob Maatman, nollie bigspin.

This guy went from drinking…

…to drunk.

Not to welcome anymore.

Product toss at the end of it all.