Matador Recap: Nike Damn Am Huntington Beach Qualifiers Photos

Today was the qualifiers for the first ever Nike Damn Am Huntington Beach at the US Open brought to you by Matador. Alec Majerus is a straight Terminator and qualified first. Alex Midler went off too, he’s one of the gnarliest little guys we’ve ever seen. Filipe Ortiz was on point, barely missing any tricks. Have a look at the gallery below—the list of tomorrow’s 16 finalists is posted under the gallery.

Photos by Shigeo
Here are your top 16 finalists that will compete tomorrow:
1: Alec Majerus
2: Auby Taylor
3: Dylan Witkin
4: Jon Cosentino
5: Oscar Meza
6: Filipe Ortiz
7: Luke Hampton
8: Carlos Ribeiro
9: Alex Midler
10: Blake Carpenter
11: Ryan Spencer
12: Paul Hart
13: Tom Karangelov
14: Trevor McClung
15: Trent McClung
16: Donovon Piscopo


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