A final batch of sun-soaked images and captions from Bart Jones! Check out all our Damn Am Barcelona coverage.

Legendary Judging panel ready to get this thang started!

Those damn blonde hairs! Ville Rockang, gap frontside feeble grind.

Just making sure we rep our sponsors as Nahuel Roldan does a lil Front Blunt Slide Dance in the background.


Tampa Am winner back at it with a clean Hardflip up n' over.

Do the Bartman! Bart Buikman Gaps to Backlip.

Being a ginger at the beach and this Gap to Noseblunt, both equally treacherous. (Giovanni Vianna)

Straight up n' Down .. Gabriel Ribeiro Kicky Backlips the rail.

Moroccan Mayhem!! Nassim Lachhab comes thru with a Kickflip Backside Nosegrind.

Jereme Knibbs been out in Barci just livin' the life.

Taking after his brother Gustavo and Tampa Am 2017 winner; Gabriel continues to steady crush it.

Aurelien Giraud is all over Netflix, also all over this Tre Grind.

Joao Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues back at it again with a Nosegrind.

Past Damn Of The Year Zach Saraceno Nollie Varial Flips the stairs.

Bart Buikman Kickflip Grinds the Volcano ledge.

Justin Sommer comes thru with the elusive Hardflip Front Board while Filmer Frank captures it all.

Kablammo!! Sommer follows through with a master blaster of a Frontside Flip.

Like a hippie following the Grateful Dead, Daisuke Ikeda follows Damn Am.. this one for the fans, thanks Daisuke!

At only 17 years old, Giovanni travels the world, stacks clips, and kills contests. That’s the life right there!

Jorge Simões skates like he has hands for feet, his board control is uncanny.

Thanks to Antonio Melero and entire Skate Agora staff, Amazing hospitality on their behalf.

Thank You Priscilla Andrade!!

Huge thanks to Nike SB for sponsoring event! Along with bringing team out and throwing an awesome premier party with a killer video.

Your top 3 with the squad: 3rd Daisuke Ikeda, 2nd Giovanni Vianna, 1st Jorge Simões.

Your Number One Guy.