Damn Am, straight from Agora Skatepark in Barcelona, Spain. Here are the photos by Bart Jones from practice.

I ain’t mad at it.

Jan Hirt keeps this coastal Hurricane contained.

I'd rather be watching soccer?

Noah Nayef poses the question, why kickturn when you can back nosegrind pop-in?

The Ginger Warrior, Giovanni Vianna plays it safe with bluntslide over the volcano.

No one’s going to take you seriously until you get yourself tattoo'd on your own arm. Floris Sprenkeling knows whats good.

Barcelonian quadruple OG and this weekend’s judge, Enrique Lorenzo switch crooks smooth as butter.

From the mountains of Peru to the beaches of Spain, Angelo Caro brings the heat with a backside 180 nosegrind.

DJ Wade is going extra minimalist this time around.

Jorge Simoes, slappa-duh-crail!

Morgan Turgeon came all the way from Canada! Kicky Crook the Volcano Ledge.

Damn Am frequenter Daisuke Ikeda battens down the hatches with a frontside flip stalefish.

You know with a name like Bart, Bart Buikman is going places; this gap backlip is good start!

A long name and nice switch heel, Joao Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues puts the beach attire to the test.

Alexander Risvad's noseslide photo is cool and all but wait til you see the pop-out part!

When you see good ole' Flo filming, you know its time to put the hammer down; Bruno Senra knows the code.

Wieger and Tiago came out in this scorcher to check the action, and you should too! Plain and simple! Check back real soon for total coverage!