Damn Am, Barcelona, Spain, 2018, Qualifiers and Best Trick. Day three here by the sea in Spain. Here are Bart Jones’ photos and captions from another scorcher of a day.

Media crew runnin' late? No prob, Big Bri has got it handled.

Nuttin' wrong with startin' the morning off with a gap front lip. Joao Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues.

DJ Wade looked different today?

Emanuel Bacchiiocchi jumps ship and goes stalefish.

Rysan Marien keeps it classic with a kicky back tail.

Chris Khan gives the train riders a little show with a front blunt.

Wilton Souza got dat pop! Switch frontside bigspin.

Another switch frontside bigspin, this time from Russia with love; by Tyoma Smirnov.

Gotta love yourself some Hugo Boserup; noseblunt screecher.

Emanuel Bacchiiocchi strikes again with a tre.

Why does Mathias Torres look so dang cool?!

Another Chilean chillin' Goma Aliste taking a Smith grind in stride.

Short but sweet, Giovanni Vianna bridges the gap with backside tailslide.

Wilton Souza hits us with a wardrobe change and a kickflip frontside noseslide on the Hubba.

Yes it's cool to see Aurelien Giraud again.. and yes his tre lip is cool; also yes that’s great that he is now a Netflix star, but with that all being said….What’s up with that Free WiFi though?

Hugo bosses up and stales from corner to corner.

Congrats to Jorge SimÕes, qualifying first yesterday.

Diego Suanes kicks-off The Independent Best Trick Contest with a Barley Grind down the Hubba.

A lot of crazy tricks go down in Best Trick that won't see the light of day. Here's one of em', kickflip noseslide bigspin by Bojan Vladimir.

Joao Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues got hella close to the switch kickflip front blunt, but no dice. However, he did get the switch kickflip back lip with very little trouble.

Congrats to Jorge SimÕes, not only Qualifying First with the Golden Ticket, but here also taking third in best trick as well.

Angelo Caro actually won Best Trick with a Cab Flip Backlip, but showing this Sugarcane instead as its a bit more photogenic.

Huge shout-out to Angelo on winning Independent’s Best Trick! Yesterday was awesome, magical, and gnarly; and today should just be an extension of that. Please check back soon for the final wrap up!