Good thing we had a translator for Registration or we would been in a lot of trouble.

This place is crazy man along with the kids that skate it.

They got ’em huckin' yung out here, 11 year-old noseslide performed by Daiki Ikeda.

Taking Damn Am artistry to new levels.

Literally every skateboarder in Japan can do frontside airs. Kouki Aroumi and Kyonosuke Yamashita.

Ryo Sagawa pokes them into banks.

Daisuke Ikeda does them outside.

Yukito Aoki does em with kickflips in them.

Taisei Hamamura likes to look at the camera when he does his FSAs.

Taihou Tokura takes his frontside airs to the max with this gigantic transfer, but yea like I said they all got em'.

What The….

Little kids doing Heelflip Frontboards on big rails every try is kinda the norm around here. Sena Watanabe.

If not every kid jumping down this rail wasn't enough Shintaro Hongo feebles up it!

Wax is kinda like soy sauce out here, peeps are putting it on everything.

Yukito Aoki back again like tagteam with a nollie inward heel.

On site Physical Therapist, this is essential!

We got our DJ back, welcome home Wade!

Toshi still killing it helping with Translation on the regs.

Highly advanced maneuvers on not so small obstacles. Frontside 180 Switch Backside 5-O.

Going to end this post with a picture of these boards hung up at the park because they're beautiful and awesome, Thank You; and please comeback soon and check for more traction.

Photos by Bart Jones. Check the footage!