Danava, UnonoU

The Portland, Oregon-based Danava intends for its music to take listeners on a transcendental journey (akin to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple). To these ears, however, it does not so much. The central problem isn’t of musicality; the guitar playing, drumming, and compositions are top-notch, rather it is an issue of thematic intent. UnonoU desires to be “profound.” However, at best it sounds like little more than 70s metal cranked at a hessian house party; this thing screams feathered hair, flared jeans, and wispy moustaches all the way. Beyond that, the pseudo-babble found on these songs is just, ugh, so much navel-gazing chicanery. For example, as guitarist and lead singer Dusty Sparkles states in the band’s bio: “UnonoU is a word I made up. People should think for themselves [as to its deeper meaning]. I hate being specific. It’s boring.” Actually, it is ambiguous thinking like this that is boring. You want to be kick ass and thought-provoking? Try harder; you and your listeners can indeed have it both ways.—Arlie Carstens