Daniel Shimizu Top Fives

Daniel Shimizu Top Fives

Top Five

Daniel Shimizu

L.A. Eateries

1. Kouraku-a ramen joint downtown that I frequent.

2. Casa Diaz-best burritos in Hollywood.

3. 101 Cafà‡-for the convenience.

4. Mani’s Cafà‡-jalape§o cheddar bread.

5. Pho King Restaurant-not because of the food, but for the name. Pho is pronounced fuh. Ha!

Skateboard Videos You Still Repeatedly Watch

1. Tentacles Of Destruction-Foundation.

2. Mouse-Girl.

3. Virtual Reality-Plan B.

4. A Visual Sound-Stereo.

5. Heavy Metal-Toy Machine.

Thrift-Store Pickups

1. New Kids On The Block T-shirts.

2. Vintage Nike gear.

3. Grandma glasses.

4. Buns Of Steel videos.

5. Halloween costumes.

Good Things About Hellrose Moving In Next Door

1. My place is quiet now.

2. The landlord is off my back because it’s quiet now.

3. The party moved from my house to Hellrose.

4. They have a bar in their place.

5. Hangin’ with my friends.

Dive Bars

1. Little Joy.

2. Beauty Bar.

3. Short Stop.

4. The Frolic Room.

5. The Whistle Stop.


1. Randy Rhodes’ polka-dotted flying V.

2. Eddie Van Halen’s splatter stripes.

3. Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jaguar.

4. My brother’s purple Explorer.

5. My Epiphone Les Paul.

Things You’ve Lost

1. Brain cells.

2. My morals.

3. My standards.

4. My virginity.

5. My love.


1. Arnold Palmer.

2. Jack and ginger ale.

3. Stella Artois.

4. Crown Royal on the rocks.

5. Genmai cha-brown rice tea.

Deceased Musicians

1. Lennon.

2. Cobain.

3. Morrison.

4. Axl Rose (he’s dead to me, anyhow).

5. Rick James.

Major Purchases

1. Thirty-pack of Budweiser cans.

2. Tupac shirt from the Vice store-had to have it.

3. iPod.

4. Lap top.

5. Lap dance.

Resolutions For 2005

1. Stop skating handrails.

2. Cut down on my vices.

3. Hang out with my mom more often.

4. Save money.

5. Smile.