Dave Chami FTC Tokyo Show

Our Senior Photographer Dave Chami currently has a photo show at FTC Tokyo until May 6. Here are a few photos from the opening night last Friday. FTC Made 3 T-shirts and an iPhone case for the event which are all available at shop.ftcsf.com.

A couple of 4x5 prints.jpg
A Closer look at Daryl Angels Xeroxed 5-0.jpg
Dave with fellow Kiwis Simon Lockett and Steve Kay.jpg
FTC SFs Kent Uyehara and FTC Tokyos Yuske Kashiwa.jpg
Flyers from the show.jpg
For The Insta.jpg
Hand colored prints.jpg
Japan Tshirt.jpg
Nothing like some free beer and a trashbag of Doritos.jpg
SF shirt.jpg
Things got packed in the store.jpg
Antony Lycee Deck one sheet

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