Day 1 Of The Vans Triple Crown Of Skateboarding

I’m not afraid to admit that I have an addictive personality. Coffee, candy, and numerous other bad habits somehow seem to be a part of my life without me even being aware of it. I have a new addiction though, and it isn’t in the form of Columbian black beans or ping-pong balls, it has to do with a microphone and a stage. So far twice this week the Mangolian BBQ Karaoke lounge has been my stage and I’m hooked. How hooked you might ask? Hooked enough to have dreams of being the next Axl Rose. But my fantasy, I mean nightmare, suddenly came to a halt this morning as my alarm clock reminded me that today was the first day of the Vans/Hard Rock Cafe World Championships of Skateboarding in Huntington Beach, CA

Although today wasn’t the day when the big money was being dished out, I still felt compelled to cover the street preliminaries and see who would qualify for the street finals and compete tomorrow with the 10 professionals who had already qualified.

If skateboarding was a betting sport I would definitely put some money on Brian Anderson. Brian’s fakie ollie bluntslides and raw style are undeniable. Among my other betting choices would have to be Chet Thomas who seems to have a patent on the switch hardflip and Willy Santos whose technicality is unstoppable. After looking at the final results I would have done alright. If only skateboarding were a betting sport I would have done much better than singing Karaoke. Weren’t people leaving as I sang Quiet Riot?

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Top 10 Qualifiers For Saturday’s Street Finals

1. Willy Santos
2. Chet Thomas
3. Diego Bucchieri
4. Brian Anderson
5. Matt Beach
6. Mike Maldonado
7. Ed Templeton
8. Dan Pageau
9. Jaya Bonderov
10. Omar Hassan