DC celebrated the launch of its book “DEFYCONVENTION 20 Years of DC in Photographs” last night at The Holding Co. in Los Angeles, California. The book along with other releases this year mark and reflect on the past two decades of DC’s legacy. Curated by Mike Blabac, DC staff photographer of 15 years, the pages feature history making from the DC team past and present. The book will be available on May 20th from dcshoes.com and with over 120 pages of legendary skateboarding, this 12″ by 12″ hardbound is must for any skate connoisseur’s shelf.  –Luke Callahan


Photos from the DC DEFYCONVENTION book launch:

Dc_defyconvention_0000_defyconventionMany of the the images were hung in the gallery, but books were available to flip through as well.

Dc_defyconvention_0001_defyconvention2The Mattson 2 performed, give ’em a listen while scrolling to get an audible sense of what the event was like.

Dc_defyconvention_0002_defyconvention3 copyDavid Loy, on that sore thumb tip.

Dc_defyconvention_0003_defyconvention4Legends were present. Colin McKay and Danny Way.

Dc_defyconvention_0004_defyconvention5T-Funk and Kevin Scott took care of any roughhousing that needed to happen in the gallery.

Dc_defyconvention_0005_defyconvention6Mike Blabac and the Nikon F3, his first camera. 

Dc_defyconvention_0006_defyconvention7Other relics were on display.

Dc_defyconvention_0007_defyconvention8That’s right. 6XL.

Dc_defyconvention_0008_defyconvention9Chris Cole and Matt Miller. A formal critique.

Dc_defyconvention_0009_defyconvention10Outliers homie Marius Syvanen and Wes Kremer. SD!

Dc_defyconvention_0010_defyconvention11Is Loy partaking in a method acting exercise for a Weekend at Bernie’s spin off? Weekend at Nyjah’s?
Dominick Walker, Tommy Fynn, Filipe Gustavo and David Loy.

Dc_defyconvention_0025_defyconvention21Jeff Taylor and Josh Kalis.

Dc_defyconvention_0011_defyconvention12Dyrdek delivers his signature finger tent for the lens.

Dc_defyconvention_0012_defyconvention13Robin Wilson, running the limited edition Westgate Readers’ Choice hat. More TWS wearables here.

Dc_defyconvention_0013_defyconvention14Dee Ostrander made sure Baker and Shake Junt Team Manager, Donut, was there.

Dc_defyconvention_0014_defyconvention15Chad Knight and the Kenny Hughes penguin.

Dc_defyconvention_0015_defyconvention16DC’s Jeff Goforth and Mikey Taylor.

Dc_defyconvention_0016_defyconvention17Jeff Lenoce inspecting Danny Way’s board from the Great Wall of China jump.

Dc_defyconvention_0017_defyconvention18Double washers on top and strapped down to the max.

Dc_defyconvention_0018_defyconvention19Flashes popped rapidly during the team portrait opportunity.


DC Team Manager, Jimmy Astelford working double time during the team portrait photo opp.


Dc_defyconvention_0020_defyconvention21Hardcover clothbound? You know it. Embossed? You bet your ass.
Over 120, 12″ by 12″ pages of epic photography from the past 20 years of DC?
Yes. And it will be available on May 20th from dcshoes.com


More from Mike Blacac at blabacphoto.com

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