Deluxe Van – Inside the ultimate skate vehicle

Terror In The Streets – The anatomy of the ultimate skate vehicle starring the Deluxe van.

Words by Panhead

To ride a skateboard in the actual streets these days is getting nearly impossible. Although simulated street tracks are popping up everywhere, it’s not the same. Compare it to a surfer traveling the world to go to a new simulated wave park-you’re just not gonna get the same feeling. Whether it’s a handrail, a swimming pool, or those emergency drain reservoirs that we know as a full pipe, skating on and in things not meant to be skated is where we really thrive. The problem with skating these types of terrain is the security forces guarding them. And although this has always been the problem, over the years they’ve become more and more aggressively defensive.

They’ve taken to mounting brackets on ledges and handrails making them unskateable. The modern architects have even been designing antiskateboarding structures. City codes have been passed making it mandatory to have kinks added to all current handrails. Pools now have to have a certain percentage of vertical surface in the deep end-enough vert to make it near impossible to hit the coping. Police have even gone so far as to jail people for repeat charges of skateboarding.

With all this building up for years now, it has forced an elite group of people to take drastic measures. This group of people we will call the “Street Terrorist.” Their identities must be concealed. What they do breaks several laws-some of which are felony breaking and entering and destruction of private property. While jail time is imminent, sometimes you must take things into your own hands.