Destroyer, Trouble In Dreams

Trouble In Dreams
    Dan Bejar. Holy crap. Finding this album in the mail was like having a wet cat thrown on my chest. Should you fear it? Will you love it? I don’t know. Dealing with it is initially the best one can hope for. Over time, maybe you’ll tame it, get close and learn to love it. Trying to explain or critique Destroyer is largely pointless. This is Dan’s eighth album; he doesn’t give a rat’s ass either way. Clearly he’s gonna keep on keepin’ on whether you like it or not. Is it brilliant? Often. Is it fun? Entirely. How’s the music? It’s aces, but in a weird circus sideshow-meets-Miami Vice-meets-80s-Bowie kind of way. Are the lyrics good? Quite. Can he sing? Yes, but Bejar sounds like Felt or Lloyd Cole & The Commotions. If you like music with a wry grin, monstrous intellect, and a healthy dose of self-loathing, then this will probably be your bag.—Arlie Carstens