Last night in LA we were treated to a wear test of Nick Tucker’s new shoe at the famous Diamond Mine skatepark. Brews and pizza were up for grabs and shops from all over SoCal were invited in to make themselves at home and session late into the night. Thanks to Diamond, Tyrone Romero and Nick Tucker! Check out all the photos.—Blair Alley

Nick and his kicks!

T Puds, laced up and fueling up.

Have you been to the Diamond Mine? It’s great.

Xavier Alford, the new co-high Ollie champ.

People are workin’ here ok!?

Overtime wallride.

#myart. T Puds kickflip wallride while Nick inspects the kicks.

The handsome men of Welcome Skateboards.

Daniel Vargas, Ollie to fakie.

D Vargs, proper boneless one.

Nick, 540 bigspin kickflip.

The Grizzly bear himself, Torey with an easy kickflip.

Nick has wild nollie inward heels.

Dominick Walker lipsliding through the corner.

Xavier Alford, NBD Smith grind. This was nuts!

Xavier shut the park down after he did this–twice!

Tyrone Romero and Nick Tucker. Thanks guys!

Congrats amigo! San Diego is proud of you.