Dinosaur Jr., Beyond

Dinosaur Jr.
Fat Possum

The year is 1989. You’re skating at your friend’s backyard mini ramp, and the gloriously fuzzy sounds of Dinosaur Jr.’s album Bug is blaring from the ghetto blaster positioned on the corner of the deck. The seminal indie-rock band Dinosaur Jr. broke up that year, falling victim to internal issues that tore the band apart. The band’s dissolution sent singer/guitarist J. Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow, and drummer Emmett “Murph Murphy on their separate ways to new projects.

Cut to the year 2007. After a brief reunion tour, the band decided to record a new album, as they “were sick of playing all the old songs, stated J. Mascis in a recent interview. The band recorded Beyond in three months (the album marks the band’s fourth studio effort with the original lineup) and has returned to form with all the gritty musical ingredients we’ve all grown to love and cherish. Dinosaur Jr.’s distinctive sound was the catalyst for the “grunge movement of the early 90s and influenced bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, and The Screaming Trees. Key tracks on the new album include “Almost Ready, “Back To The Heart, and “Lightning Bulb.A few years ago, a Dinosaur Jr. reunion seemed rather unlikely, but thank god the guys set aside their differences and came together to produce Beyond. It’s one of the greatest Dinosaur Jr. albums of all time.—Aaron Schmidt