Dirty Deeds – Bam Interview

Bam Margera is a busy man. In between filming Jackass 2, dealing with Don Vito’s courtroom mayhem, getting digitized for Tony Hawk’s Project 8 game, planning a marriage (yup, he’s getting hitched in February), and spending time on a skateboard, Bam launched his own personal record label Filthy Note. Could he be the next Suge Knight? Based on the success of the Bam-backed CKY and HIM, you might say he’s ready to start dangling fools from hotel balconies.

You wrote on Filthy Note’s Web site that seeing Vains Of Jenna live is what gave you the idea to start a record label. Is that really true?I was literally driving down Hollywood Boulevard in a purple Lamborghini with my girlfriend Missy and I saw these dudes at a tattoo joint. They looked like Guns N’ Roses and I felt like I knew them already. So I pulled over and introduced myself, and they were like, “We’re playing the Cat Club tonight. You should come check us out.” They rocked the place so hard, I immediately called up my friend Tim Glomb and said we needed to start a label immediately and put their record out.

That also gave me the motivation to start signing other bands from Scandinavia. There are so many good bands over there that nobody knows about-it’s ridiculous.

Vains Of Jenna was unsigned when you saw them in Hollywood?
Yeah, they’d already made the album on their own with no money. They lived out of a car in England for a month just trying to play rock shows. Seriously, Guns N’ Roses plus Mà®tley Crà…e equals Vains Of Jenna, and they’re only 22-they’ve got so much potential. People need to hear them right now, and I’m gonna make that happen.

Who do you have lined up next?
There’s this 21-year-old heroin addict from Sweden who killed himself-he was in a band called Crash Diet. The album is so good, and I’m gonna put that out too. But no more albums after that (laughs). It just makes his album even more brilliant. It’s called Rest In Sleaze, so the dude knew what he was gonna do all along.

2Pac put out a dozen albums after his death.
Right, and 2Pac sold millions.

So are you planning on monopolizing the Scandinavian metal scene?
Yes. Well, HIM with the heartagram and me putting that on my front door, it blew ’em up so big that it’s out of my realm. I don’t even wanna deal with that sh-t anymore. Warner Brothers can deal with that. I’d rather deal with bands that aren’t that big.

What do you think of HIM’s new album, Dark Light?
It ain’t Razorblade Romance, but I still like it. Anything Ville says is brilliant.

Does every band signed to Filthy Note have to be approved by you?
Yeah. Some bands will have a few songs that I like, but the rest of the album sucks, so I won’t put those things out. My brother Jess has been working on a side project with Jim from Fireball Ministry, Neil Fallon from Clutch, and Chad Ginsburg from CKY, and they’ve been writing some songs. I’ll put that out pretty soon, even though it’s American and I say I’m only putting out Scandinavian stuff.

Are you planning to poach CKY from Island/Roadrunner and put them on Filthy Note?
I think they’re pretty much happy where they’re at. They own Volume 1 CKY, and we’re probably gonna put it out with a bonus song or two. I also have a lot of unreleased footage from back in the day that people would probably want to see.

What’s the story behind the name Filthy Note?
It just sounds cool. It’s a fun label to like, and I’m backing it 100 percent.

It sounds like the metal version of jazz’s Blue Note.
Yeah, but “blue” is pussy sh-t and “filthy” is rad.

Do you have any Filthy Note artists on the Jackass 2 soundtrack?
I don’t think so. But we have Wolfmother on Jackass 2, and I just saw the video we did for it today. Knoxville and Tremaine are only down with that old-school punk sh-t like The Misfits, Fear, and Circle Jerks. I don’t think either of them has bought a new album in the past five years.

You’vee obviously got a good relationship going with MTV. Are they gonna help you out with some video play?
Yeah, I was just there today. Vains Of Jenna’s video is already shot and edited, and it’s definitely gonna be on MTV2 and Fuse. It’s a good-ass video. When I filmed it, their image did the talking-you don’t have to make a cool-looking shot because they already make it look cool. They’re a fun band to like. I can’t imagine anyone saying Dave Matthews Band is a fun band to like. That dude will show up on stage with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I wanna see dudes with eight bandanas on. It’s the same as skateboarding: Look at Jim Greco and Corey Duffel. They rock leather jackets and do frontside flips, and everybody loves it. Why? Because they look cool doing it.