DIY Spot Supply, The Lost Bowl

The Lost Bowl, on none other than Lost Lane, sits behind a classic American house in the southern town of Richmond, Virginia. Pat Lowery bought the house with the vision of having his good buddy and professional skatepark designer Bernie Mcgrew build him a skate pool that dubbed as a swimmer. A couple years later, thanks to the hospitality and health of the Richmond skate scene, Pat has an entire skatepark in his backyard.

Red Bull Spot Supply focuses on how skateboarding's always done it. Red Bull Spot Supply sheds light on the cast of characters, builders, and skateboarders who start with nothing and don't give up until there's something to shred. By helping each spot with some of the supplies they were looking for this summer, Spot Supply instills a bit of friendly competition between crews to see how far they can take their resources, and give their facility a quick facelift. With DIY spots, every little bit counts, and each collective put more sweat into this project than most people produce in a year. Everyone featured in these clips has to hold down a day job, so to come home after an 8-10 hour day to put in 4-5 hours building a ramp or a bowl is a daunting task. Here's to hoping we gave them a bit of a nudge to get through the summer.

Bernie McGrew_FS Air
Josh Swyers_Air over Bernie McGrew
Josh Swyers_Melon
Lost Bowl_Overview

Photos / Taylor Galloway