Do it Yourself The Turkey Banks

Ground Work/First Layer
Words by A.S.

The Turkey Banks were first witnessed by our crew while watching some video footy Pete Piazza had of himself doing a wallride at this crazy-looking bank-to-wall that was located somewhere near Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California-right by the spot where Matt Hensley backside ollied on a bank next to a basketball dribblin’ Brennan Schoeffel for his Pro Spotlight in the August 1990 issue of this fine magazine.

With the motivational force of one Jon Holland, we ventured from North County to the overpass under Interstate 8 where the Turkey Banks are located-to lay the first layer of ‘crete for the bank-to-wall’s tranny. Our work crew consisted of Eric Sentianin, Ped Urtz, Pete Piazza, me, and Jonny Five behind the wheel of his dirty white Jeep Cherokee. Four shovels, three lathes, two cement tubs, 40 gallons of water, and 75 pounds of instant concrete completed our arsenal.

Our labor force unloaded, and we began to set up shop next to the bank-to-wall. Transitions are pretty hard to mold when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Unfortunately, we figured this out the hard way when the soggy-ass concrete kept sliding down the wall every time we lathed that f-ker up.

Out of confusion, makeshift tranny support devices were then created from random sticks. After about four frustrating hours of slipping and sliding, the end result was a clumpy surface that really didn’t resemble rideable transition. Our team headed home somewhat discouraged, so the new plan was to regroup and find a head who knows how to shape a decent tranny.