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TWS video #30 is our first official release comprised entirely of shared parts. Since the dawn of the TWS video via Uno in 1996 (famously containing the Penny/Rowley shared part)—videos like Feedback (AVE/Dill, BA/Staba, etc…), 6th Sense (Kalis/Stevie), or Subtleties (Biebel/Wenning) have certainly contained marquis doubleteams—but Duets is the first video in our vault where no man or woman stands alone. Sharing is caring. Working together, we checked in with each of the video's dynamic duos—a few days from deadline, and about a month from the premiere in November 2018. The following were the notes from each pair's new song. Let's duet.—Mackenzie Eisenhour

Robbie Russo, backside Ollie. San Pedro, CA.
Photo: Anthony Acosta
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Miles Silvas, fakie kickflip. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Sam Muller
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Miles Silvas on Miika Adamov:

How was the experience filming this?
It's been going super good. We're pretty much wrapping it up. This weekend is the deadline so we're about to hop in the car actually right now and head out on a mission. But it's pretty much done. Got a couple of last tricks we're trying to get. Then we'll be all wrapped up.

How has it been working with Miika?
I've been skating with Miika since I was a little ass kid growing up in Sacramento. So we've always been around each other. When we had the opportunity to do a shared part it just sounded perfect. He got into the video a little bit late so he's been playing catch up. But it's been sick. He's been really pushing himself. He's a perfectionist. He's always had super high standards with tricks—he's always trying the craziest shit so working with him on the video has been really sick.

Does it help you in any way sharing a part for motivation?
Yeah, for sure. Just seeing the way he goes about stuff. He's not going to waste his energy on something stupid. He's going to save it for something proper that he knows will be worth it. He's good at picking his battles and we definitely help each other on the session—pushing each other. We skate a lot of rails together so we push each other on that.

This is TWS video #30. What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
For me, I think of like And Now ('08) and Hallelujah ('10). I didn't really see the older ones until I got older. Those ones I watched a lot when they came out. Sean Malto and Kenny Hoyle in And Now and then Hallelujah was one of the first video premieres we ever went to. Me and Miika and the all the Sacramento homies drove down to that premiere in LA and Miika got the ender of the friends section with his 360 flip noseblunt on Davis. It was sick as fuck.

Skating alone or skating with friends?
Skating with friends keeps you hyped up. Very rarely I'll go try something with just me and the filmer.

Best real life duet?
"America's Most Wanted" by Snoop Dogg/Tupac (2006

Favorite TWS video?
And Now ('08)

Miika Adamov on Miles Silvas:

How was the experience filming for this? You started a little later than Miles?
Yeah, I've only been filming for about two months or so. It's been a little hectic. But on the plus side, I believe I already have an ender so to speak, so that's one of the only reasons I decided to take this little challenge.

Now you just need filler.
(Laughs) Yeah.

How would you describe Miles' approach to filming a part?
Miles—he picks out spots and he just goes for them. He could skate anything and everything and it all looks comfortable and easy for him. He rarely ever doesn't make his trick. A lot of people go to a spot, maybe try a trick for a while and then come back for another try later. He usually does his tricks like the first session he's at the spot. He just handles it and makes it all look easy.

You guys have been boys for a while correct?
Yeah, I pretty much raised him (laughs).

Well, congratulations. You did a good job.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
I really liked Stefan (Janoski)'s Subtleties part. But since we're on the "duets" topic—the first shared part that comes to mind is Brandon Biebel and Brian Wenning in Subtleties.

Skating alone or skating with friends?
It's better with homies on the session.

Best real life duet?
"Game I'm Spittin" by Dubee aka Sugawolf P and Mac Dre.

Favorite TWS video?
Subtleties ('04).

Miika Adamov, kickflip backside 50-50. Sacramento, CA.
Photo: Chris Robles
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Miles Silvas, switch frontside feeble. Sacramento, CA. Photo: Jeff Landi
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Miika Adamov, kickflip backside noseblunt-slide. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Oliver Barton
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Carlos Ribeiro, switch frontside flip. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Jeremy Adams
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Carlos Ribeiro on Tiago Lemos:

Are you done?
Yeah, I feel like I'm done. I'm hyped with it. It's been a blast. I didn't get to skate with Tiago a lot but we did a little trip to Barcelona and London and that was clutch. It was amazing. We had a great time and filmed a bunch of clips that we were both stoked on.

It got a little more complicated with Tiago and the Visa issue.
Yeah. Exactly. But he stayed in Barcelona so I flew over there to meet up with him there and then we stayed a week longer in London to have more time filming together.

How has it been working with Tiago?
I've known him since we were like 15/16 years old. He progressed so much in such a short time. Of course that surprised not just me, but everybody else too. It's sick to see his approach and how he films stuff now. He used to just go and play around with it, but now he's just like, "I wanna do this." And he just goes and does it real quick. Most of the stuff he says he's going to do is mindblowing. So when he tells you, you're just like, "Holy shit." Next thing you know it's done. It was motivating for me too. Sometimes I wouldn't think of stuff and be chilling and he would be like "No. Dude. You should do this or that." And next thing I know I'm skating with him again.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
In Bloom for sure. With Prod, Evan Hernandez, Mikey Taylor etc… Then Janoski and also Brian Wenning and Brandon Biebel in Subtleties.

Best shared part?
Javier Sarmiento & Erik J Pettersson In STEE ('13).

Best real life duet?
Lauren Hill and Nas "If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)" ('96).

Favorite TWS video?
I think In Bloom is my favorite, but Subtleties had the most affect on my life and skating.

Tiago Lemos on Carlos Ribeiro:

How was the experience filming for this?
It was a dope experience. Mostly because I went to places that I haven’t been before—like London and Paris. Then also because Carlos and I go way back, but this is our first part together. I'm very happy about it!

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
Mike Carroll in Modus Operandi ('00), no doubt!

Best real life duet?
Anything with Guru and Jeru The Damaja.

Best shared part?
Keenan and Gino (Mouse ['96]) all day!

Best TWS video?
The Reason ('99)—(Danny Mon) 'Toya and Stevie (Williams) in the same video? You can’t go wrong with that.

Tiago Lemos, 360 flip. London, England. Photo: Paulo Macedo
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Tiago Lemos, nollie heelflip bluntslide. London, England. Photo: Paulo Macedo.
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Carlos Ribeiro, nollie 180 switch crook. Manhattan Beach, CA. Photo: Oliver Barton
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Franky Villani, kickflip backside 50-50. Long Island, NY. Photo: Sam Muller
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Franky Villani, Bennett grind revert. New York City, NY. Photo: Sam Muller
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Franky Villani on Jake Hayes:

How was the experience filming for this?
The experience filming for the video was fun but stressful—just dealing with getting hurt. But besides that it was cool to skate with Jake and see how he works.

How would you describe his approach?
Skating with Jake is always pretty interesting. You never know when he's just going to do something gnarly. He's like an alligator—laying and waiting until he sees something he likes—then he attacks (laughs).

What videos come to mind when you think of TWS videos?
Chris Cole In Bloom ('02) is the first to come to mind. Always loved that part; skates to the Misfits and just kills it.

Best real life duet?
"I Miss You," Mark and Tom, Blink 182 ('03).

Favorite shared part?
The obvious one is Jerry [Hsu] and Louie [Barletta] in Subject to Change ('03) but Jake Johnson and Al Davis in Quasi, Mother ('18) was a good one.

Favorite TWS video?
In Bloom ('02).

Jake Hayes on Franky Villani:

How is this treating you Jake?
It's been good. It's been a hard process though, to be honest. You want to live up to all the old Transworld videos so there's an added amount of pressure. When you think of Transworld you think of Heath Kirchart in Sight Unseen. Not that we'll ever fill those boots but you kind of at least want to put as much as possible into it. Because you know all those guys did. They put their hearts and souls into it.

Does sharing it take some pressure off?
Definitely. Especially sharing with Franky. He just skates—all the time, at every spot, all day. He's the first one skating the spot and the last one to stop. I'm not really like that so it helps motivate me. It makes you want to be productive. He makes it look fun.

Other parts that come to mind when you think of TWS videos?
Heath. Dustin (Dollin) in Sight Unseen, Evan (Hernandez)'s In Bloom part. There are so many classic parts that have come out through Transworld videos that there are almost too many to name. For Evan's part, I was always a fan of Reynolds voiceover at the beginning, too. I was always a fan of Andrew and at the time when it came out I was a little kid like Evan. So seeing him look so cool and be hanging out with my favorite skaters was really something that I looked up to.

Best real life duet?
Eminem & Dido "Stan" ('00).

Favorite shared part?
Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta in Subject to Change (03).

Favorite TWS video?
Sight Unseen ('01).

Jake Hayes, backside 180. Sydney, Australia. Photo: Dave Chami
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Jake Hayes, backside bigspin, Los Angeles, CA. Photos: Jeremy Adams
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Ronnie Sandoval, frontside air bash. Anaheim, CA. Photo: Sam Muller
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Ronnie Sandoval on Robbie Russo:

How's it looking?
Looking good. Right now we have six more days. Hoping to get a couple more things before it's done.

How has it been working with Robbie? I know you have mentioned that he influenced heavily when you started skating.
It's been rad. We might just need a little more motivation here (laughs), but when we go get him out it's the best. Hopefully everybody is stoked on our part.

If the part isn't good you can just blame Robby, right?
(Laughs) No. I'll blame myself and then I'll blame Joe (Joeface).

I suppose we could also blame Channel Street for being closed. That park would probably have had some heavy coverage with you and Robbie.
Oh man, we would have had some gnarly clips there for sure. We already had some crazy ideas. This part would be done already no problem. But maybe this is better. We're forced to skate other stuff.

This is TWS video #30. What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
As a person that watches almost nothing but transition videos, I'd say [Tony] Trujillo In Bloom, [John] Cardiel Sight Unseen, and [Dan] Drehobl in Free Your Mind ('03). John, for his part, was dedicated to the max and just made it happen.

Skating alone or skating with friends?
Depends. If I'm at the park, I'm skating with friends. At Channel I can skate alone but I'm basically with friends either way because no matter what a friend is going to pop up out of nowhere. Skating street is a little different. I don't like skating rails alone. But I'll go skate around town by myself.

Best real life duet?
June Carter & Johnny Cash, "It Ain't Me Babe" ('68).

Best shared skate part?
It's got three but I'll go with [Mike] Carroll/Alex Olson/BA in Pretty Sweet ('12).

Favorite TWS video?
Sight Unseen (01).

Robbie Russo on Ronnie Sandoval:

How has it been filming this part Robbie?
It's been pretty sick. I probably should have taken it more seriously at the beginning. I didn't really know how big of a deal it was. Now, towards the end and I'm like, "I gotta get some clips."

How's Ronnie been doing?
Shit. Ronnie has like two parts ready already (laughs). I gotta catch up. He's got amazing footage. It's seriously insane.

Ronnie told me many times that you inspired him to start skating transition seriously.
When he was young, he would skate outside of Channel Street in the parking lot. I used to just talk shit to him all the time. Like, "You're a pussy. Get in here." One day he showed up and just started ripping. Hard. I was tripping out like, "What the heck did he eat?"

Sometimes some friendly taunting is key?
That's how I learned. The older guys would talk shit to me.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
Tom Remillard's part in Perpetual Motion ('13). That's the only premiere I went to for like a big video part.

Favorite shared part?
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting ('97).

Best real life duet?
June Carter & Johnny Cash, "Jackson" ('67).

– Favorite TWS video?
Perpetual Motion ('13).

Robbie Russo, stalefish. Anaheim, CA. Photo: Anthony Acosta

Ronnie Sandoval, backside nosegrind. Woodward, PA. Photo: Sam Muller *click to enlarge

Vincent Alvarez, switch noseblunt-slide. San Francisco, CA. Photo: Sam Muller *click to enlarge

Vincent Alvarez on Zack Wallin:

What's good Vincent?
Filming in 4K has been a little more complicated. But it's working out. I'm stoked. There were a few battles in there. We're in Canada right now and it's right towards the end.

How has it been working with Zack?
I would describe him as professional. Professional but fun, motivated and driven. That's what's rad about sharing a part though. You can share ideas and motivation. It's helpful, especially on something like this where you have a limited amount of time.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?
Muska in Feedback for sure. That video was one of the first videos I watched a lot of times in a row. Later on I started watching all the older ones, too. I loved the first Cinematographer ('97). It was really different.

What about memorable shared parts?
Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis in 6th Sense ('98). That's a good shared part. I like AVE and Dill, too (Feedback). It was maybe more than two people but Carroll's part in Modus (Operandi) was too good. It has the Rick Howard front nose down the Hollywood church rail and then Scott has the clip too.

Best real life duet?
Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon (1987-1998).

Favorite TWS video?
Sight Unseen ('01).

Zack Wallin on Vincent Alvarez:

How's it been so far?
It's been cool man. Kind of different going into a video knowing you're going to share a part. This is the first time I've ever really done that.

Is it less pressure? More pressure?
Originally I thought it would be less but actually it has it's own pressures too. You don't want to let your buddy down that you're sharing the part with.

Their stuff might be amazing too, and you're just chilling?
(Laughs). Yeah. Fuck man, Vince is good. And he has a lot of cool unique tricks.

Vincent is probably the one guy you can be sure you won't be trying the same tricks as at least.
Oh yeah. He's fast, tech, and unusual. His trick book is so rare. He catches me off guard sometimes.

What videos and what parts first come to mind when you think of TWS videos?
So many. Cairo Foster in The Reason. I was just going through my old stash. I got a VHS copy of In Bloom right here. That video is incredible. Paul Rodriguez in that, Alex Gall, Chris Cole. Other parts that stand out of course are John Cardiel and Heath in Sight Unseen.

Favorite shared skate part?
I just found this VHS. I got it right here. Destroying America ('01). Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein. Shared part/shared video.

Best real life duet?
Nancy & Frank Sinatra, "Something Stupid" ('67).

Favorite TWS video?
In Bloom ('02).

Zack Wallin, frontside feeble. Los Gatos, CA. Photo: Wes Tonascia. *click to enlarge

Vincent Alvarez, frontside pivot. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Sam Muller. *click to enlarge

Zack Wallin, frontside wallride yank out. Brooklyn, NY. Photo: Sam Muller *click to enlarge

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