Last night we premiered Transworld Video No. 30, duets to a packed house at the Landmark Regent Theatre in Westwood.

Since the dawn of the TWS video via Uno in 1996, the TWS video legacy has grown into one of skateboarding’s biggest video catalogs. Helmed by Joe “Joeface” Monteleone and James Buchmann, duets is the first Transworld video where no man or woman stand alone, and features five shared parts from some of skateboarding’s biggest names. duets will be available on iTunes November 20th and shops across the globe in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who rolled out last night and made the night special.

A huge thank you goes out to Dickies and New Balance Numeric for supporting the video and an extra-special, even huger thanks to Dickies for hosting the premiere! The night would have been nothing without their support and we couldn’t be happier. Check some photos from the night and stay tuned on where and when to get a copy for yourself.

PHOTOS / @alex_papke

We had a packed house at the Landmark Regent Theatre in Westwood.

Jamie Foy and Zach Allen. Foy starts out the friends montage with some bangers!

All smiles for #twsduets

John Dilorenzo may or may not know something about Chris Roberts’ switch flip manny being staged… (you’ll have to see the vid to understand).

Dominick Walker. Yeah, Domo!

Evan Smith and Ronnie Sandoval were all smiles. Ronnie (and Robbie Russo’s) part is going to get you hyped!

Looks like Jumpman is back from his (three month) European vacation!

Catch Kevin White in Mid90’s and the ‘duets’ friends montage!

Taylor and Trevor McClung were in the mix. Where are Trent and Tug?!

Master lensman Jake Darwen and Dane Burman. Dane has some bangers in the friends montage.

Yeah, Chase! Webb and his squad rolled up.

Lights are off…

Joeface on the mic introducing the video

James Buchmann, the other half of the ‘duets’ duet saying a few words about Joeface and the project.

Look at that lineup.

Transworld editor-in-chief, Jaime Owens in the middle of a Buckface sandwich.

The crowd was getting anxious but popcorn always helps.

Few more minutes before we hit play.

Lobby lurkers: Jamie Foy and TWS video alumni (and all around OG) Mike Carroll.

Go watch Carroll’s part in Modus Operandi right now.

Another master lensman in the mix, Mr. Sam Muller. Sam was on a lot of the ‘duets’ sessions leading up to the premiere.

TWS squad! Desiree Hensley, Jaime Owens, Paul Kobriger and Mike Fitzgerald.


Carlos and Tiago’s part is insane! Just wait for it…

Sam Muller and Jake Hayes—Jake and Franky Villani close the video.

Meanwhile on the red carpet, TWS’ Blair Alley was on the mic getting some interviews.

Some of the Dickies squad! Huge thanks again to Dickies for hosting the premiere.

Zack Wallin and his lady. Zack and Vincent were another heavy duet!


We surprised Miles with his cover while he was walking through the red carpet. Issue hitting newsstands and shops soon!

Carlos Ribeiro and Joeface.

Blair and Vin talking denim.

Heal up, Ronnie! This dude is tough as nails, all smiles no matter what the circumstances. (insert strong arm emoji)

Miika Adamov and enjoi’s newst pro, Enzo Cautela. Miika and Miles Silvas came through with a two-song banger! And Miika’s ender… damn!

Matt Price left Portland recently so now he’s a little closer to us, which we like.

Gerwer was there! Yeah, Frank!

Sebo Walker and Richie Valdez.

Cheers, Buchmann!

All smiles for Jake Darwen and TWS’ Sales Manager, Mike Fitzgerald.

TWS Managing Editor, Brian Blakely with our Marketing Director, Paul Kobriger (follow him and check out his art @paulkobriger)

Franky Spears closes out the friends montage with some bangers.

Blair Alley and Walker Ryan getting the scoop.

TWS video alumni, Matt Miller and his lady.

Tyson was there. Go watch his part in the new Element video!

Two parts Welcome, one part Birdhouse. Ryan Townley, Daniel Vargas and Shawn Hale.

Covnerse’s Rob Collins came out from Boston. Always good to see you, Rob!

Hats off to these two. James Buchmann and Joe Monteleone came through with one hell of a video. Available on iTunes November 21st and in skate shops soon.