Duffs Spain – No Pain In Spain

Duffs Spain

No Pain In Spain

It’s not just another Barcelona story.

First off, I hate to write, and second, every skater who’s even glanced at a skate mag lately knows how sick Barcelona is, so I won’t bore you.

Plain and simple, our trip was sick. Here’s my top ten

of our Spanish vacation.

1. No Agenda

That’s right, ten days in Barcelona—anything goes. No demos, no shop signings, nothing—just skate … or sleep, or drink, or fart, or lurk, or gamble, or eat. We did it all, and if you were James … puke. Good fun!

2. Good Crew

We had one, too—no whiners, no laggers, no spot complaints, no shoppers, and everyone handled their own from the night before like champs. Thanks, boys.

3. Stowaways

R.P. let me bring some bros from San Jose—Chalba and The Turk. Thanks, R.P.

4. Matt Hensley

What can I say—Hensley rules!

5. Rain

I was actually stoked that it rained. It gave me a chance to be a tourist for once.

6. Gambling

We had some heated dice sessions. Lady Luck was definitely on my side one night—it was awesome. Sorry, Matt.

7. No Car Or Spot Guide

No one from the local distributor showed us where to go, what to do, and when to do it. We had to find it and figure out how to get to it. This was half the fun—unless you’re the photo guy. (See listing number eight.)

8. Highly Caffeinated Photographer

Swifto was a champ. He had to drag some serious photo gear all around Barcelona. His trick—a steady IV of Starbucks and

nicotine at any hour of the day.

9. Sense Of Freedom

I had this incredible sense of freedom in Barcelona. We have so many stupid little rules and laws here in America. I drank brew at every skate spot I went to. Spain rules.

10. DuFFS

We had a kickass time, and it was all on DuFFS’ buck. Thanks for the vacation.

Oh yeah, we went to England for five days, too—saw Big Ben

and (the House of) Parliament.—Jason Adams

Once again I scored another vacation on the old stuntwood—Spain with the DuFFS crew. “I thought you rode for the Swoosh?” you might ask. That’s okay. The Turk and I were stowaways, thanks to The Kid. You know you can’t leave your other BMC brothers at home.

We spent ten days in Barcelona. The place rips. You can take a train to a different stop every day and find something new to skate. And you know what’s great? Nobody cares.

Hey kids, Six Gun isn’t just about ripping—there’re certain qualifications you must meet. Everyone in our crew was cool. Nobody pulled any rock-star baby crap. Everyone wanted to skate. What else are you going to do in Spain? Stay in and play video

games? Heck no, you’re dealing with adults here, buddy. We

had some rain, some lost bags, some wet floors, a couple

flare-ups, and some gambling—thanks to Hensley. Overall, the trip rocked the house. Save up, go to Spain, and educate yourself. I promise you won’t be let down, and if you are, eat a bag.—Chet Childress

This was my first trip to the Spanish land. I thought I knew what to expect, but I didn’t realize how amazing Barcelona really is. Skate spots on every block, along with beautiful women and amazing architecture, all adds up to paradise for me. The flat we rented was right next to the “skate” bar we were at every night and all the other hot clubs, which made it my favorite trip so far! Skating was amazing—watching Adam Alfaro tear up any type of terrain with so much style hurt my eyes. And Childress and Adams wrecked every kind of tranny in their way. Not to mention that Chet was the comedian of the trip—funniest redneck ever! Stacy Lowery pulled some of the most amazing stunts I’ve ever seen. I think they should change the name of the country from Spain to Spleasure.