Words and photos / Thomas Gentsch

Years ago, it was just common for US companies to send their pros to Europe on a summer vacation. Well, vacation might not be a hundred-percent right since back then, a dozen contests were the main reason to make it over the big pond. In between, there were some demos along with some street shredding, so it actually was anything but a vacation for the skating pros.
But times have changed. In the new age, demo tours are few and far between and when it comes to “Euro-summer-contests,” Copenhagen is pretty much the only one left.


Chris Haslam, stalefish to fakie. Ravensburg, Germany

This year, Dwindle Distribution wanted to get back to the old vibes of Euro summer touring and sent one pro of each of their companies to the old continent for a little demo trip. The tour started out in England and after hitting Holland and Belgium, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, TJ Rogers, Wieger van Wageningen, Tommy Sandoval, Flo Mirtain, and German riders Patrick Zentgraf and Matze Wieschermann arrived in Cologne, Germany via a first class train ride; true Euro style. Even though the weather started out really bad (summers definitely didn’t get any better over the years over here), the first stop in Cologne was a good mix of signings, a demo and some legit street skating. The guys already had three countries under their belt and were still juiced enough to handle a nine-hour skateboarding day, and we kept that steez ’til the very end of the trip.


Ryan Decenzo, switch varial heelflip. Wiesbaden, Germany.

Even for me as a photographer, it’s sometimes pretty exhausting to have long tour days like that, but as a skateboarder it’s even harder. But, actually it was pretty clever, to get such a diverse mix of skateboarders from totally different companies going on a trip together. Besides the fact, that not everybody knew each other from former traveling, we definitely had one weapon for any spot. So, after we had done Germany and the final hours in Innsbruck, Austria (that was our last destination after Germany) were approaching, I started realizing that we didn’t leave one spot, one hour or one city on the way without leaving our mark. We didn’t even party one night. This was just pure skateboarding with some awesome people having some great fun together. Thanks a lot to everybody involved, Dwindle Distribution, especially Scott Howes who put this all together, the distributor, shops and all the kids who came out! And surely enough, all the great skateboarders on board!
Cheers mate, the next beer is on me!


Flo Mirtain, kickflip to fakie. Innsbruck, Austria


Patrick Zentgraf, switch kickflip. Ravensburg, Germany.


Ryan Decenzo, switch 180 to five-0. Cologne, Germany.


TJ Rogers, switch crooked grind. Innsbruck, Austria.


Tommy Sandoval, nollie flip. Ravensburg, Germany.


Wieger van Wageningen, backside tailslide. Innsbruck, Austria.


Ryan Decenzo, tailslide, kickflip to fakie. Innsbruck, Austria.


Chris Haslam, switch 180 to nose manual, nollie bigspin heelflip out. Innsbruck, Austria.

Flo Mirtain, fakie frontside crooked grind, varial flip out.

Flo Mirtain, fakie frontside crooked grind, varial flip out. Wiesbaden, Germany.


TJ Rogers, switch frontside 360. Wiesbaden, Germany.

Tour video coming tomorrow!