Dying To Live

Dying To Live (small)
Words by Jamie Thomas (big)

Every other second my mind starts reeling through the possibilities for the video. Occasionally, I imagine a scenario to the point where my adrenaline starts to surge, which is followed by a brief moment of anxiety. To some people this sounds like mental torment, but it makes me feel alive and excited for the good and bad times to come.

Each video part has its own challenges that are nearly impossible to imagine until they’re staring you in the face. Whether they’re injuries or unfortunate circumstances, those challenges seem to take every ounce of heart that you have to overcome.

I’m writing this in the 11th hour of filming for Dying To Live, so my mind is overloaded with thoughts and the pressure that I’ve put upon myself. But I’ve come to the conclusion that my only goal is to go to the premiere in two weeks, thankfully knowing that I gave this part everything I had to give.