Dying To See It

The scene outside downtown San Diego’s Spreckles theater was of mass hysteria. A crowd of a couple-hundred gathered outside while police and ambulance vehicles were already on the scene. Before the doors were supposed to open for the first showing at 8:00 p.m., people were growing impatient and lost their minds at the sight of Jamie Thomas. People rushed the doors, someone threw a projectile that shattered the glass doors, and then the animals began stampeding to get inside. People were trampled, falling on broken glass, while personnel tried to resist the push. Police and event organizers shut the premiere down. The lucky 50 or so who made it inside before the ruckus began were treated to the most exclusive skateboard video premiere in history. The unlucky couple-hundred outside Spreckles were shooed away by police, stating that “near-riot” conditions existed and everyone needed to proceed away from the venue. The second showing at 9:30 was cancelled. At this point, everyone was still dying to see it.

Everything you’ve just been told is hearsay. This reporter didn’t make it on the scene until after the havoc was already wreaked. Rumor had it that someone even died. But after talking with inside sources, no one was really hurt, other than some cuts and scapes from the broken glass. Who knows what really happened?

The after party took place a couple blocks away from the Spreckles theater at Buffalo Joe’s. Close to midnight an announcement was made. They were going to show Zero’s Dying To Live on the monitors. Although it’s never the same as seeing skateboarding on the big screen, Zero skateboards made a statement with its video offering. When the dust settles, Dying To Live will be available at skate shops. There’s no reason to spoil the video with a trick by trick synopsis because by this dat in time you should already know what to expect from Jamie Thomas and the rest of the Zero squad. Dying To Live is setting the stage for 2003.