Electrelane, No Shouts, No Calls

No Shouts, No Calls
Too Pure

Electrelane is Verity Susman (keyboards, guitar, vocals), drummer Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke (guitarist), and Ros Murray (bass). Between them, they play piano, organ, harmonium, saxophone, guitar, bass, banjo, cello, and drums. Oh, and several songs on the new No Shouts, No Calls feature choral arrangements. As in, multiple voices singing together in glorious unison as all those other instruments clang, clatter, and blast away. Electrelane raises one’s arm hairs in that special way only really unique, brave music can. The members live variously in Berlin, the Czech Republic, London, and Brighton. That they’re able to get together to concoct such incredible, enjoyable music is genuinely amazing; particularly since they’re known to set up their instruments in the studio and then rip through everything in one take. Angular, propulsive, loud, delicate, somber, energetic—this is their finest album yet.—Arlie Carstens