Element Skateboards First Annual “Elemental Awareness” Contest

Element Skateboards threw its first contest for unsponsored ams on July 4th at Santa Ana Skatepark. First prize was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of flow sponsorship for a year from Element. The event was not only a skate contest, but also a benefit event for Elemental Awareness, a non-profit organization that works with youth through skateboarding. An all-star judging panel was assembled for the event including Jeremy Wray, Colt Cannon, Salman Agah, Ryan Kingman, and Blake Reimers. It was a beautiful Independence Day, with DJs bringing the funk, pizza in the park, and of course… some amazing skateboarding from the local kids.

The event ended up with a 2 minute head to head skate off, between Justin Figueroa and Antwon Dixon. Figueroa flew around the course flawlessly laying down kickflip frontside boardslides, back lippies, a kickflip down the 11 stair, and a kickflip nose slizza down the hubba. At the same time Dixon was dropping nollie heel flips down the seven, nollie noseslide down the hubba, and bluntslide the handrail. 300 skaters held their breaths as the judges deliberated in the center of the park. The two competitors were shaking hands as the decision was made… they both would receive flow packages from Element for a year. 24 boards, 12 sets of wheels, shirts, and hats!

President and founder of Element, Johnny Schillereff summed up the day saying, “It was amazing to see how much talent is out there. I have always wanted Element to have an event like this for the underground rippers, and raise money for a charitable organization at the same time.” Be on the look out for more Element/ Elemental Awareness events for all the local skaters out in there, in the months to come.

The mission of the elemental awareness is to reach out to the youth through the avenues of skateboarding and nature skills, in order to develop self esteem, awareness, and the tools to lead successful lives… from a kickflip to a campfire…

To learn more about Elemental Awareness go to www.elementalawareness.org