Elements Of Surprise

Coast To Coast, Demo To Demo

Story and photos by Skin

Bam and Kingman made it out to Seattle after spending the previous night at The MTV Awards, kicking it with George Lucas and snapping photos alongside Harrison Ford. Far from the crowds, Bam ollied out of a Seattle park just before the first of our two Zumiez demos (the second was a few days later in New Jersey). Later the same day at our hotel we got accused of smoking the devil’s cabbage and hassling a Bible group. Two hours later we and our new Sizzla CD were out on our arses.

Over the years Colt Cannon’s created some pretty impressive little skits on his Final Cut Pro program. If you’re ever bored and happen to be sharing a hotel room with him, you can watch them over and over--it’s more fun than going out in the rain. When Colt wasn’t on his computer, he was on a skateboard laying down some serious moves in the streets of Seattle, like this heelflip outside a dental office.

The Gas Works in Seattle may be full of free-thinking hippies throwing cares and Frisbees into the wind, but there’s also good shit here to skate and some sweet old graffiti left standing--which may give you some idea of Seattle’s tolerance of youth culture. Tosh Townend, ollie through stairway.

When we got to New York, it pissed down for three days straight, so there’s not much to report. Our days were spent inside hotel rooms and mincing around the streets. Eventually the heavens opened and the sun broke out. So did Jake Rupp--180.