Eli Reed Solo Show

This past weekend Eli Reed had a solo show at San Remo in New York.
“As everything has a vibration, so does skateboarding and that’s what I am exploring in my painting. I’m interested in these vibrations and frequencies that skateboarding create and how these visual elements make their own grids and patterns onto walls, grounds, and unexpected surfaces. When “wall riding,” riding a freshly painted wall the marks left can be striking! This creates a sensuous marking process, the abstract made physical. As the trick finishes, what’s left is the marking of the vibration, and a sense of time from skateboarding. Exploring this mark making process, showing vibrations of creative thought, developing a sense of place and exposing this concept to the public is the basis of my painting/project. Using an array of colors of paint onto canvas, wheels become my brushes showing marks, color mixing, texture, action and form. These are the vibrations of skateboarding tricks executed on the canvas. Ollies, wall rides, power slides—each trick showing different vibrations revealing the rhythms essential in skateboarding. These marks show original thoughts of how one looks at space, with this infinite potential for inspiration; blueprints of thoughts. Through my paintings, it is my aspiration to show skateboarding as an art form to the public, its creative way of thinking, while breaking society’s boundaries as an artistically creative process.”—Eli Reed

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