Eric Avery, Help Wanted

Eric Avery
Help Wanted

     For many reading this magazine, the band Jane’s Addiction likely means nothing. However, from around 1987 to perhaps 1993, alongside The Pixies, Soundgarden, and Nirvana, Jane’s was one of the most influential bands of the “alternative” era. Eric Avery was the bassist in Jane’s, and for a great many fans he was the unsung hero of the band. Why? He was talented, humble, and by far the least cheesy of its members. He wore jeans and T-shirts while his bandmates Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell writhed around on stage often sporting face make-up, leather pants, and unfortunate nipple piercings. Most importantly, Avery walked away at the pinnacle of the band’s success. Gone. Thereafter he occasionally played session musician for other artists. Help Wanted is his first foray into “solo project” territory. It is not stellar by any means; nevertheless, it’s sincerely nice to see him making his own music again.—Arlie Carstens