etnies Highlight By Tyler Bledsoe Wear Test In Portland

We just returned from a chilly wear test weekend in Tyler Bledsoe’s Pacific Northwest home of Portland, Oregon (most snow they’ve seen in five years!), to try out etnies‘ new Highlight by Tyler Bledsoe. After getting acclimated to the snow-covered city—David Reyes and Julian Davidson proved to be expert snowman builders—we got a sneak preview of Tyler’s new etnies video part, were treated to fresh pairs of the kicks in our Ace Hotel rooms, then took our funky Portland bus over to Tyler and friends’ private skatepark, The Grotto.

David Reyes, etnies
David Reyes puts a hurtin’ on The Grotto’s hubba with a kickflip five-0 in the Highlight.

After the skate sesh, it was off to one of Tyler’s favorite haunts for dinner, McMenamins Kennedy School. This place is a trip and worth a visit when in Portland—an old elementary school turned into a collection of restaurants, bars, a movie theater, and even hotel rooms. The amazing dinner put us all into food comas and we returned to downtown Portland looking a little post apocalyptic as no cars were running due to the heavy snow and ice on the streets. It was a great quick visit to experience a slice of Tyler’s life and try out his comfy new shoe—the first shoe with a 100-percent STI Evolution Foam outsole. These things are incredibly lightweight. The etnies Highlight is available at finer skate retailers around the world now!

Tyler Bledsoe
Tyler Bledsoe getting congratulated by David Reyes after our sneak peek of his part at the Ace Hotel in Portland.

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Words & photos by Blair Alley

Tyler Bledsoe’s part from Hallelujah, 2010


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