Patrik Wallner and Sebo Walker

The Eurasia Project documents the travels of Patrik Wallner and his like-minded companions under the name Visualtraveling, exploring all the 101 nations across the European and Asian continents throughout the last decade. It all started with a 10,000 kilometer journey from Moscow to Hong Kong completed all via land routes which later morphed into numerous skateumenataries like Around the Black Sea (2010), The Mandalay Express (2011), Meet The Stans (2012), The Persian Version (2013) and The Edge of Arabia (2015) that took skaters like Kenny Reed, Michael Mackrodt, Denny Pham, Phil Zwijsen, Laurence Keefe, Daniel Zvereff, Gosha Konyshev and Walker Ryan to countries and across borders that many people are entirely unfamiliar with.

Paul Shier got his copy.

Wallner's exhibition and book release tour started in Shibuya, Tokyo at the end of May at the adidas flagship store than traveled to the Soho Arts Gallery in New York City with a third stop at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto and finally making it's way to Los Angeles at the famed Seventh Letter Gallery.

Take a moment to really process the idea of traveling to all 101 countries in the Eurasia Supercontinent.

It was a perfect Friday evening with Patrik's homies including Ako Jefferson, Sebo Walker, Walker Ryan, Pete Eldridge, Felipe Gustavo, Peter Bici, Mike O'Meally, Paul Shier and DJs Blair Alley and LaLa Lace.

Mike O’Meally and Pete Eldridge.

Thanks to Heineken, Tecate, Black Plague and AriZona Iced Tea for supplying drinks.

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Walker Ryan and his fiancee Whitney.

Chris Martin and our friendly bartenders for the night, Emily and Alice.

Brett Sube and Jesse Welch in the house.

170 images from The Eurasia Project graced the walls.

Ear glazers Blair Alley and LaLa Lace.

LaLa Lace taking a break from the mp3 tables.

Wallner with Felipe Gustavo.

Matt Milligan always keeps it crispy with his own photos.

A trio of adidas’ top blokes: Eldridge, Milligan, and Shier.

Get back behind the bar!

These two have logged some serious miles together. Wallner and Ryan.

Go to @VisualTraveling to score a copy!

Truly an epic journey. A teaser was playing throughout the night featuring highlights from Patrik's 40+ films.

Get out there and see the world!

Marcus, JZ and Spacegoth.

Toronto’s Max Fine.


Words and photos by Josh Zickert