Ezekiel’sFlorida Black and Gold Tour

Ezekiel’s Florida Black and Gold Tour

With our recent additions to the Ezekiel skate squad, we decided it was time to hit the east coast with our crew and have some fun. On hand for the Black and Gold tour were Kerry Getz, Mike York, Louie Barletta, Jeremy Holmes, Stewart Graham, team manager Shawn “DJ Speed Lewis along with our Florida crew consisting of Shamon Burton, Sean Conover, Evan Smith and our 10 yr old vert kid, Jordan “too many red bulls Price. We decided to meet up in Orlando as a starting point and headed to south florida from there. On the way down we hit the Shred Shed, Island Water Sports, and finished the day with a demo at Ramp 48 plus in Ft Lauderdale. The shops all had good crowds and the demo went off with a probably around 150 amped out kids. The boys got to hang with the kids for a bit after skating and signed some posters, shot pool and ate some pizza.

Next up was University Surf and Sport (USS) in Orlando. We hung in the shop and the boys got to skate the mini ramp inside the store. By this time the rain had moved in and would stay for the rest of the tour. After USS, it was demo time at the new Ezekiel/DC shoes sponsored park in Longwood called MESH. This park is a merger of Metro skate park(RIP) and Mission Bike park. It has been open for a few weeks but is still being finished up. There had to of been probably 200 people for the demo. Along with the Ezek crew, City Skateboards, and Think were there as well. Brett and crew from the park were cooking up hundreds of burgers and dogs and there was some insane skating going on by all the teams. The surprise of the night was having DJ Speed (Ezekiel’s Skate Team Manager) jump up and spin some records for a bit……Judging by what these guys have going on at the park, its gonna be huge for the central florida kids and MESH has a bright future ahead.

Day 3 we woke up to pouring rain and a tornado touching down a few miles from where we were. First stop was Red Dog surf and skate and then we were off to Paradise Funplex for a demo. Wayne and crew at Paradise took care of us and we all had a great time, in spite of the crap weather.

The last day of the tour was still raining which ruined any chances of hitting some of the outdoor parks in north florida. We stopped at Surf Station, Square One, and Sunrise in Jax beach with the highlight at Square One when Stewart decided to try out some crazy scooter thing they had in the store. The guys in the store said nobody had tried it yet and by the looks of it, nobody wanted to. This thing really didn’t have any steering besides trying to lean in the direction you wanted to go. Basically, you lock your feet in it, just hold the throttle in your hand and go for broke. It was powered by a chainsaw motor. After several parked car misses, 2 road raged drivers and sliding under a car in the parking lot, the only damage was some bloodied elbows. It was definitely good for some laughs. After that we headed back to New smyrna beach for a St Patricks day/Ezekiel party at the Echo Chamber surf and skate bar. The party went off with music and rhymes by THEREALONE, KNUP, and The Dead Bombers. Stewart, aka “The Loch Ness monster Graham, was in rare form for the St Paddy’s day party and would have made all his fellow Scottsman back home proud….. after the party, Speed somehow managed to get everyone to their 7am flights in the morning and get home.

Overall the tour went well, even with 2 days of rain. Everyone skated really well and we made a bunch of new friends, but the best part of the tour was watching the kids leave the shops and parks with smiles on their faces, as well as the shop owners being really hyped on it all.Thanks to all the shops, parks, friends, both new and old that made this happen.—Geoff Armstrong, Ezekiel east coast tm/marketing